2016 Mini Superleggera Vision Release

Today we are familiar with the model 2016 Mini Superleggera Vision, which is similar in appearance to a specific and breathtaking at first glance. For some time the internet there are rumors that the British carmaker is working on the new Mini Roadster competitor known as the Mazda MX-5 Miata.

2016 Mini Superleggera Vision side

2016 Mini Superleggera Vision Design

Early attempts to model roadster coupe made ​​not given too well, mostly because it is listed only as a model seemed less Cooper. However, there is now Superleggera Vision, a new concept recently introduced in Italy, which brings us the first official details to Miatin competitor could look like. Mini Announces Superleggera Vision as a combination of Italian design with the British fleet characteristics, and according to some stories, this model should be the top of BMW’s Division.

2016 Mini Superleggera Vision front grill

From the design, BMW has decided to once again use the Italian house, which has been a tradition since the Germans in the last ten years used Zagato, Pininfarina and Bertone to many concepts. This time the choice fell on the Touring Superleggera in Milan, and the goal was to do a car a car that will bring the same revolution as well as the original Mini 55 years ago. Mini’s new designer Anders Warming also wanted to hint at what we can expect from future models of the company, and many lines are inspired by classic models just the British car manufacturer. As expected from the product which is owned by BMW, the interior is very attractive and quality and delivers a rich list of standard and optional equipment, and it remains to see what the details will be available in the serial model.

2016 Mini Superleggera Vision rear

2016 Mini Superleggera Vision Engine

Although it is too early to talk what to expect, by some accounts offer will be based on models with front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive engine, and then both gasoline and diesel engines of three, four cylinder engine, and according to some stories we expect the electric model based on recently introduced BMW i3. In terms of mechanics, so far no details, but it is quite certain that the standard model provided by the same engine as the Cooper, which means that it will offer based on I3 1.5L turbo engine with 136 hp and the 2.0L I4 with 192 hp, and there is and 1.5L I3 diesel with 116 hp.

2016 Mini Superleggera Vision engine

2016 Superleggera Vision Release Date

Sometime later offer will certainly be extended to sport John Cooper Works version, but on her for now there is no more information. In any case, the serial model could be introduced as early as next year on a larger European Motor Show as the sale started in 2016. If our previous models of the Mini proved something, it is that BMW does not know how to get lot so we can speculate with security on the Superleggera Vision will be a success.

2016 Mini Superleggera Vision interior

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2015 BMW Vision Future Luxury Release Date

The German company BMW has taken a serious attitude towards the new model 2015 BMW Vision Future Luxury. Fortunately all potential buyers that the vehicle will be a real refreshment design both inside and out. While the crowd is waiting for the sixth generation of the BMW 7-Series, which is expected to debut early next year, the German carmaker at this year’s International Motor Show in Beijing unveiled Vision Luxury Future concept that could bring answers to many questions.

2015 BMW Vision Future Luxury side
2015 BMW Vision Future Luxury Exterior

2015 BMW Vision Future Luxury Design

Based on the concept of Gran Lusso 2013, Future Vision Luxury originally planned as a new car as above 7-Series, but the German giant has recently confirmed that there are currently no plans to produce larger cars. Last year’s Gran Lusso concept was done by Pininfarina and incorporated many of the classic lines of the car, but it was only available as a coupe, and Future Vision Luxury concept brings four-door. There is a distinctive BMW grille, which is the trademark of the German car manufacturer, but in the case of this concept is significantly higher than what we are used to. Last part traces the evolution of the current model company from Munich, but in a significantly greater spirit of sports while there are also so-called protective door.

2015 BMW Vision Future Luxury inside
2015 BMW Vision Future Luxury inside

2015 BMW Vision Future Luxury Interior

However, the chances of the match went into series production as small as he is now almost do not exist in the auto industry. The interior brings a number of new lines would soon be able to see not only the next 7-Series but also other models of the company. As you would expect from the German giants, the interior is very comfortable and provides a wide range of different materials, such as leather, aluminum and wood. Next 2015 BMW Vision Future Luxury should be the first BMW which will complete the interior to be done with all the controls on the touch screen, but until then should debut next generation Idriver system.

2015 BMW Vision Future Luxury interior
2015 BMW Vision Future Luxury Interior

Engine of Vision Future

To say that the 2015 BMW Vision Future Luxury is currently available with three petrol 3.0L I6 engine that can produce 254 horsepower and 316 horsepower, 4.4L V8 with 443 horsepower and the 6.0L V12 with 537 horsepower and a diesel 3.0L I6, which may to produce 254 horsepower, 309 horsepower and 376 horsepower, with a choice of automatic transmission of eight speeds. As in the past, the range can again expect the hybrid and the aforementioned I6 engine with 349 horsepower while the ALPINA should continue with the production of its sports version.

2015 BMW Vision Future Luxury steering wheel
2015 BMW Vision Future Luxury steering wheel

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2015 Land Rover Vision Concept

This year we presented something very new for you 2015 Land Rover Vision Concept. Power is what many want from their vehicles, but also the aesthetic appearance. Because this time the story will throw on the 2015 Land Rover Vision. Although it might not field a Defender, a luxury Range Rover Evoque or sports as there is no doubt that the model is perhaps the most important product of Discovery Land Rover.

2015 Land Rover Vision rear side
2015 Land Rover Vision – exterior rear side of vehicle.

2015 Land Rover Vision Concept

Since its launch in 1989, over one million customers discovery has found buyers all over the world, making it the best-selling model of the company, however, the British carmaker preparing major changes for 2016, and so will the iconic Defender will be replaced with more modern model, and Discovery will be one step closer to the luxurious Range Rover. Discovery offer will also share in the two models, and the standard model with three rows of seats and a small Discovery Sport with two rows of seats and as a direct replacement for the model Freelander/LR2. What can the audience expect we can state at this year’s auto show in New York, where he introduced the concept of Vision that without major changes, should represent the next generation of Discovery. At first glance, it may be noted that Vision follows the school of design companies, particularly in the form of the front part, which provides distinctive LED headlights and a mask with a model Range Rover and Evoque .

2015 Land Rover Vision
2015 Land Rover Vision – exterior front left side.

2015 Land Rover Vision Exterior and Interior

This concept provides so-called “suicide doors” for easy entry and exit of the audience, but the chances are small that this design detail could occur in serial production. Vision also offers a very high roof at a time when it seems that companies are competing to do aerodynamic lines to a great extent, and as a result we get a product that will be among the leaders in the class- room in the rear seats and the trunk. Vision introduces several innovations and attracts the most attention, Remote Control Drive.

2015 Land Rover Vision concept

As its name suggests, this system allows the owner to control his vehicle, at low speeds, and when it does not find it on the remote control. There is a famous off -road system of the British giant, which can be fixed in several different versions depending on the substrate, And he is able to scan the surface and I give you suggest that the system is best for driving .

2015 Land Rover Vision interior

Although Vision can handle all terrain obstacles, Land Rover is not ignored even those customers who never leave the asphalt. This concept is equipped with comfortable leather seats, electric najmodernijiom technology and long selection of standard and optional equipment.

2015 Land Rover Vision inside

Land Rover Vision Engine

Land Rover did not want to reveal too much mechanical detail, so that it does not know which engine is hiding under the hood, Vision, and will mention that the Discovery is currently available with two petrol 3.0L V6 and 5.0L V8i diesel 2.7L and 3.0L, both V6 engines, with a choice of six-speed manual gearbox and six-and eight-speed automatic. The audience could not meet the standard model at one of the major European Motor Show in 2015, when sales started a year later. Under the command of the Indian giant Tata, Land Rover and sister company Jaguar, returning to the market in a big way. Expectations are that Discovery should continue with the success that the British car manufacturer back to the old ways of celebrating.

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2014 Skoda Vision C Concept

2014 Skoda Vision C is a new Concept for this Geneva Auto Show.  Skoda try to introduce new vehicle with more powerful performance. This is a car that will offer reduced emissions. It is a coupe model, the five-door, which is characterized by highly emotional design.

2014 Skoda Vision C
2014 Skoda Vision C exterior.

2014 Skoda Vision C Design

Conceptually , 2014 Skoda Vision C builds on similar models from other manufacturers Volkswagen Group. It is a car that in itself should reconcile the elegance and spaciousness of luxury sedans , coupes and sporty image. Skoda has opted for the 5- door , making it closer to the Audi A5 and A7 Sportback , but Volkswagen CC , which, instead of the tailgate is a classic trunk lid . This method retains the functionality and convenience of one of Octavia when it comes to access to the cargo area . However , this feature is most important for Vision C . What makes this car captures the stylistic development and improvement of the classic design of Skoda.

2014 Skoda Vision C

We reserve the Skoda brand’s crisp, rectangular lines, but with a lot of new details that are dominated by the geometric motif of the triangle. This is especially evident in the form of headlights and fog lights . The appearance of the rear, the brake lights in the shape of a boomerang , is defined by the interesting fracture in the tailgate that makes Vision C a unique phenomenon .

2014 Skoda Vision C

Within the cabin there are four individual seats with fully customizable 3D screen in front of the driver. In the center of the dashboard is a multimedia touchscreen controls with air conditioners that are on the glass surface below the display. It is expected that this model will be available in the selling variant of the 2016th year.

2014 Skoda Vision C
2014 Skoda Vision C interior.


We went to the driving forces which are devoted quite a lot of attention. Technology powertrain is modern and high quality. Used a 1.4L TSI engine that can use compressed natural gas and gasoline where the 2014 Skoda Vision C can accelerate from top speed and 214 km per hour. Always care for nature and to reduce emissions. In the CNG mode, the vehicle consumes just 3.4kg of natural gas per 100 kilometers, corresponding to CO2 emissions of just 91g 1km. Maximum aerodynamics and minimizing weight were priorities for Skoda engineers. The perfect interaction between design and technical improvements resulted in a minimum drag coefficient of only 0.26. Study is designed to meet the emission standards prescribed by the EU and some of these dates are planned for 2020.

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