2015 Range Rover Sport SVR Price and Release

New 2015 Range Rover Sport SVR is the most powerful and fastest SUV that Land Rover has produced in its long history. We will guide you through the text and provide further information.We have information relating to the design, performance, appropriate price that will be offered to customers. We hope you will enjoy in this article and in this way enable or facilitate when it comes to the choice of this vehicle.

2015 Range Rover Sport SVR spy side

2015 Range Rover Sport SVR Exterior and Interior

To make SVR have something, the suspension has undergone major changes while the chassis is reinforced to handle all the effort. On the design side, SVR got more aggressive bumper with a larger opening in the front bumper and new grille and ausuh, small spoiler and 21-inch wheels (with optional 22-inch wheels). The interior has not undergone so many changes, but the sports leather seats and more use of aluminum will certainly be noticed.

2015 Range Rover Sport SVR rear

Range Rover is already known as one of the most luxurious SUV in the world, and therefore major changes are not needed. Demand for the current Range Rover and Range Rover Sport is so great that the company was not able to make a sufficient number of copies. By adding a Special Operations team, we can expect several new sports models in the Land Rover, and the sister company Jaguar, and it is interesting that this team will not only work on performance models of the company but will redesign and classic models.

2015 Range Rover Sport SVR interior

Engine and Performance

SVR is the work of Jaguar-Land Roverovog Special Operations team and the aim is to attack other sport SUV in its class, such as the Porsche Cayenne Turbo S, Mercedes ML63 AMG and BMW X5 and X6 M. The aforementioned V8 engine is identical to the one already installed in two of Jaguar, and F-Type R Coupe and XFR-S sedan. Its output is an impressive 542 hp and 678 Nm of torque, and although he was a significant increase in power compared to conventional sports, spending has remained identical 13 liters per 100 kilometers, with CO2 emissions of 299 g / km.

2015 Range Rover Sport SVR main

As with the rest of the Sport offers, power is transmitted to all four wheels through eight speed automatic transmission, which was modified to file a power increase. Although the SVR was made specifically for speeding on the pavement, Land Rover claims that he has not lost its off-road ability that made ​​him famous in the past. Whether you want a fast speeding through the desert or slower heavier off-road in uncomfortable terrain, SVR should perform all activities as well as the legendary Land Rover Defender.

2015 Range Rover Sport SVR engine

Price and Release Date

With a starting price of 93.450 pounds or 156,000 dollars vehicle will be for customers and the price will of course change depending on what equipment is present in the vehicle. The realization of this vehicle is expected sometime in October, a full sales and rights implementation early next year.

2015 Land Rover Vision Concept

This year we presented something very new for you 2015 Land Rover Vision Concept. Power is what many want from their vehicles, but also the aesthetic appearance. Because this time the story will throw on the 2015 Land Rover Vision. Although it might not field a Defender, a luxury Range Rover Evoque or sports as there is no doubt that the model is perhaps the most important product of Discovery Land Rover.

2015 Land Rover Vision rear side
2015 Land Rover Vision – exterior rear side of vehicle.

2015 Land Rover Vision Concept

Since its launch in 1989, over one million customers discovery has found buyers all over the world, making it the best-selling model of the company, however, the British carmaker preparing major changes for 2016, and so will the iconic Defender will be replaced with more modern model, and Discovery will be one step closer to the luxurious Range Rover. Discovery offer will also share in the two models, and the standard model with three rows of seats and a small Discovery Sport with two rows of seats and as a direct replacement for the model Freelander/LR2. What can the audience expect we can state at this year’s auto show in New York, where he introduced the concept of Vision that without major changes, should represent the next generation of Discovery. At first glance, it may be noted that Vision follows the school of design companies, particularly in the form of the front part, which provides distinctive LED headlights and a mask with a model Range Rover and Evoque .

2015 Land Rover Vision
2015 Land Rover Vision – exterior front left side.

2015 Land Rover Vision Exterior and Interior

This concept provides so-called “suicide doors” for easy entry and exit of the audience, but the chances are small that this design detail could occur in serial production. Vision also offers a very high roof at a time when it seems that companies are competing to do aerodynamic lines to a great extent, and as a result we get a product that will be among the leaders in the class- room in the rear seats and the trunk. Vision introduces several innovations and attracts the most attention, Remote Control Drive.

2015 Land Rover Vision concept

As its name suggests, this system allows the owner to control his vehicle, at low speeds, and when it does not find it on the remote control. There is a famous off -road system of the British giant, which can be fixed in several different versions depending on the substrate, And he is able to scan the surface and I give you suggest that the system is best for driving .

2015 Land Rover Vision interior

Although Vision can handle all terrain obstacles, Land Rover is not ignored even those customers who never leave the asphalt. This concept is equipped with comfortable leather seats, electric najmodernijiom technology and long selection of standard and optional equipment.

2015 Land Rover Vision inside

Land Rover Vision Engine

Land Rover did not want to reveal too much mechanical detail, so that it does not know which engine is hiding under the hood, Vision, and will mention that the Discovery is currently available with two petrol 3.0L V6 and 5.0L V8i diesel 2.7L and 3.0L, both V6 engines, with a choice of six-speed manual gearbox and six-and eight-speed automatic. The audience could not meet the standard model at one of the major European Motor Show in 2015, when sales started a year later. Under the command of the Indian giant Tata, Land Rover and sister company Jaguar, returning to the market in a big way. Expectations are that Discovery should continue with the success that the British car manufacturer back to the old ways of celebrating.

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2016 Land Rover Discovery Concept

As there are no limits to the creativity of some people. We will have the opportunity to see the new concept 2016 Land Rover Discovery. Judging by the Discovery Vision concept that Land Rover unveiled on the eve of the New York Motor Show, the new generation of the model will be significantly different from its predecessor.

2016 Land Rover Discovery right side
2016 Land Rover Discovery right side.

2016 Land Rover Discovery Design Exterior

Discovery Vision concept is more elegant and less robust than the line in the current model. The front part is designed on the model of the next generation of Land Rover cars, such as the latest Evoque Range Rover Sport.

Significantly reduced overhang front overhang, the upper line is izdignutija door and side windows have a smaller area. While the front roof rack hidden behind glass, C pillars are clearly outlined. In this way, retained the traditional stylistic features of the previous-generation Discovery.

2016 Land Rover Discovery interior
2016 Land Rover Discovery interior.

Instead of asymmetric, two-piece tailgate, 2016 Land Rover Discovery has provided a classic door in one piece, with a flat bottom edge of the window, what can be seen in other models of the manufacturer. With the concept of the B pillars have been removed, and the rear doors open in the opposite direction, so it’s easy access to the cabin. An additional benefit is that the front and rear doors open to an angle of 90 degrees.

2016 Land Rover Discovery exterior
2016 Land Rover Discovery exterior.

2016 Land Rover Discovery – Interior

Three rows of seats are set in the configuration of two plus three plus two , and the seat backs in the second and third row can bring down independently of each other, which are the cabin gets a flat load larger items.

Land Rover wanted to present the concept in the best possible light, so that it is coated with a premium cabin material.Three rows of seats are set in the configuration of two plus three plus two, and the seat backs in the second and third row can bring down independently of each other, thus the cabin gets a flat load larger items.

2016 Land Rover Discovery central console
2016 Land Rover Discovery central console.

Land Rover – New Concept

One of the many papers on the 2015 Land Rover Discovery Vision concept is called transparent hood.The driver, thanks to the cameras that are on the front lower part of the body, unable to see the windscreen projection of part of the road ahead of the vehicle. The Land Rover believe that this will significantly improve visibility and off-road.

2016 Land Rover Discovery inside
2016 Land Rover Discovery inside – seven seats.

In addition, the driver can use the system to display render part of the road map by which the vehicle is moving, using laser technology embedded in the level of the fog lights.

Concept 2016 Land Rover Discovery Vision will be the basis for at least three future Land Rover models. First, by the end of 2014. Appear version with five seats, which will be placed on the platform of the Evoque, which will replace the current 2015 Land Rover.
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In preparing the successor Freelander with seven seats, which will most likely arrive on the market 2015th year, and the third new model based on the Vision concept car that will be in the range from the position of the current Land Rover Discovery 4.

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