2017 Honda Odyssey Release Date

2017 Honda Odyssey is one of the most popular vehicles in the world and the American market. We will try to convey to you information that is available to us and that will mean a lot to begin with. Honda definitely the day to day working to improve this model to potential customers get a surprise in the true sense of the word. With details coming later, but we will also make a review of the predecessor.

2017 Honda Odyssey light

2017 Honda Odyssey Concept Redesign Changes

The 2017 Honda Odyssey concept vehicle is equipped with HID headlights and LED tail lights, which make it distinctive and easily recognizable. The new generation of the Odyssey should offer lower power consumption than current models using efficient i-VTEC V6 engine. At the same time, the Odyssey offers three rows of seats and the possibility to transport up to eight adults.

Vice President of the company for the US market, John Mendel confirmed that the company is considering the introduction of integrated plant in the next generation Odyssey. If this proposal is approved, the amount of the new model will be increased by a few inches to accommodate drive system on all four wheels. This will give the appearance that will appeal to more buyers compared to the current model. In addition to the height, the new model will precisely due to the said drive gain and weight, it will have a negative impact on its consumption.

2017 Honda Odyssey seats

Under the hood Engine

When it comes to power engine it will not necessarily change over its predecessor but each new item we are obliged to share with you. Each of you will agree that it is important to know how much consumption, which is the strength and quality of the entire course. The companies every day are increasingly in the race to set new standards in designing new engines that will be less harmful to the environment. No sooner had the 2016 model year in the US market and has prepared a special edition of the Odyssey, Honda announced that this MPV could get and 4×4 drive.

2017 Honda Odyssey front light

It was confirmed to US media executive vice president of American Honda Motor John Mendel, who announces that this possibility has been discussed for the redesigned Odyssey model year 2017.

Such Odyssey would have been even more difficult than the standard, which would of course be reflected in higher fuel consumption.

2017 Honda Odyssey grille

2017 Honda Odyssey Release date and price

However, the redesigned 2017 Honda Odyssey will be on the US market in the second half of 2016. Regardless of whether Odyssey will be on sale with drive to all four wheels, he arrives on the market in the second half of next year. Unfortunately, for now the price is not yet known. As the day drew to be carried out and we will also be better informed but more precise when it comes to the price list, which will have a definite range in price and all because there will be a certain level of equipment. Or you will have the choice of equipment.

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2016 Toyota Tundra Release Date

2016 Toyota Tundra will definitely surprise many of you. It is known that there are many fans of this model and this will be a real refreshment for all of them. We will try to convey some oddostupnih information and to look back a few years back and based on the predecessors make an analysis of what is to be found in the market. This will be a Japanese model in the american way.

It’s no secret that Americans love their pickups. During the previous year 2012, over two million pickups were sold in the US market. F-Series pickup is the jewel of Ford’s sales, with 645,316 units sold, also completed the 27th year in a row as the best-selling vehicle. Equally went well and General Motors with the twins Chevrolet Silverado (418,312 sold models) and GMC Sierra (157,185 vehicles), and the top is allocated and Chrysler’s Ram division with 293,363 copies sold.

2016 Toyota Tundra inside

2016 Toyota Tundra Review Design, engine specs

However, the situation was not always so ideal for domestic producers. The Japanese giant and the largest producer in the world, Toyota, not so long ago, brought fear among the American so-called. Big 3 producers, when in 2007 introduced the second generation Tundra, which was bigger, more powerful and more aggressive than the competition. Unfortunately, the celebration did not last long and after only a year, Tundra slowly falling into oblivion, and in 2012, sold 101,621 copies.

In order to understand the situation tundra in the US market, it is necessary to go back to the beginning of 1990, when the aforementioned Big 3 producers remained without competition and with a long tradition of manufacturing pickups. Toyota’s first attempt to oppose the favored Americans was the model T100, which went on sale in 1993. Done in collaboration with legendary Japanese manufacturer of commercial vehicles Hino, T100 was slightly larger than Toyota’s only pickup of this period – Hilux, but still significantly lower than US competitors. T100 is also the only full-size pickup with four-cylinder engine and no V8 option, which is to a large extent lower sales. When Ford started approaching the magic border of one million units sold F-Series pickups in mid-1990, the T100 has not managed to cross the border than 40,000 and quietly shut down after 1998.

2016 Toyota Tundra front

Realizing that the Americans will never change and will always be more better, the Japanese giant decided to beat rivals in his own game. Instead of manufacturing in Japan and development by Japanese engineers, Toyota decided to form a special team of Americans and the US state of Texas, known as the heart of the pickup industry. The original plan was related to the extension of the T100 strategy, and since the new model was significantly refresh, Toyota decides to change the name of the T150, modeled on the pickup class. But when Ford threatened with a lawsuit on the grounds that the name is similar to his F-150, the Japanese vehicle manufacturer decides to change the name of the Tundra.

The first generation Tundra debuted in 2000 with Toyota’s first V8 engine (not counting the luxury Lexus), volume of 4.7L with 235 hp. Although still considerably less than US rivals, the new Tundra proved to be good enough to be declared for pickup by the renowned Motor Trend magazine, and in the first year, sales jumps to 120,000. Known Consumer Reports also had only words of praise and declared Tundra for recommended shopping.

2016 Toyota Tundra 2007 open

Tundra begins to actively compete in the American NASCAR Truck Series, where he won the first title of the season in 2006 with driver Ron Hornaday, and to this day, Toyota has won three titles and is the only remaining factory team. However, despite all the praise, the first generation Tundra had certain disadvantages. Although larger than its predecessor, the T100, it was still significantly lower than the American competition, and its most powerful engine is still delivered the only 235 horsepower, and significantly less than their rivals. Early models had certain problems with corrosion, which is still litigation with the owners.

All media were focused on second-generation Tundra at the Motor Show in Chicago in 2006. Larger, more powerful and more modern than its predecessor, Tundra is the first time in their history on paper had the winning combination of which are American rivals could only dream of. Maximum towing five tons (same as Ford F-150), 5.7L V8 engine with 381 hp (the most powerful in the class) and the only pickup in the market with a six-speed automatic transmission, and the largest starting price of $22,390.

It is to say that the Americans were afraid that Toyota will begin to dominate the class pickups as well as other classes of cars, before that. Ford F-150, the pride of the American auto industry, it was still available with the most powerful engine of 300 hp and outdated four-speed automatic transmission. Toyota plans were great. The new plant in Texas was able to annually produces 300,000 vehicles, a plan was still not used to the maximum, with the goal of annual production of 200,000 vehicles. Although the plan had not accomplished by only 3,000 units, it seemed that the last rule of local companies and will in the near future, Toyota will become the top-selling brand in the US market.

2016 Toyota Tundra 2007

However, a series of familiar recall, as well as poorer quality of Tundra (at least for Toyota standards), they began to play a big role, and within just two years, sales fell below 80,000 pieces. Toyota has tried in many ways to regain the trust of customers, but by then the domestic competition caught connection. Tundra otherwise be enrolled in history when on 12 October 2012, withdrew the legendary Space Shuttle Endeavour, he weighs 78 tons, to its final destination.

There are rumors that the third generation of the Tundra should make his debut at this year’s Motor Show in Chicago, which takes place in March. Since 2007, when the current Tundra hit the market, a lot has changed. So now, the Ram 1500 offers best-in-class interior, Ford introduced the first EcoBoost (twin-turbo) V6 engine in its class with up to 570 Nm of torque at just 1700 r/min, and recently introduced a new generation of twins from General Motors – Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra. Although Toyota is not financially strong as ever, thanks to the scandal of recalls and adverse weather conditions in Japan, this giant, although “wounded” by no means bad, but at least to be underestimated. Although it is not expected that the third generation could have a revolution like its predecessor, definitely could raise standards and make a class full-size pickups even better and more competitive.

2016 Toyota Tundra side

2016 Toyota Tundra Price and Release date

When it comes to the price, for 2016 Toyota Tundra is now known that it could amount to $28,640 depending on the equipment that evening, this vehicle so will the price change on those details we later when he realized completely. Realization date is reserved already for next year and it seems it could be as early as next year in January at the Auto Show in Detroit.

2016 Tesla Model S

Several years ago, Tesla had his own very important moment, precisely in 2012. 2016 Tesla Model S is something that has to come and justify the existence of this model. I design at first glance to have your delight, and the quality is something that you really want to make sure that above all else. The company is following the success of the Roadster went further ahead on luxury vehicles. As far as sales and she’s fine. Tesla performed well in the domestic market and in Norway. Sales marked about 80 thousand vehicles per year. Most cheaper Tesla labeled 70. But there are more interesting variants. 2016 Tesla Model S has good article story about exterior, interior, release date,design.

2016 Tesla Model S

2016 Tesla Model S Design

We will try briefly at some examples to give useful information. The vehicle with the tag 70 is driven by a batery and 375 horsepower. One battery charge can provide even 375 km. when it comes to performance, they are really impresivnei move with acceleration to 100 km/h in 5.5 seconds and a top speed of 230 km/h.

2016 Tesla Model S front side

For an enjoyable one such a dragon of the vehicle purchaser should allocate $70,000. In terms of this, funds are also other models that are just as good and these are versions of 329 hp, 360 hp and 422 hpThe most powerful of them is so designed that it can exceed even 502 km.

2016 Tesla Model S engine

What is Tesla decided is to improve your model that suffered the greatest popularity. Most attention has been drawn to the model under the symbol 85D. It also provides a battery with a maximum capacity and durability of d 90 kvh. Parallel to this is the increased and more autonomous for 24 km. What is most attracted attention is Luuudicrous Mode version that has a power rating of 762 hp and it is more than enough to accelerate 2.8 seconds to 100 km, while a quarter is only 10.9 seconds. With this acceleration he is one of the fastest cars in the world. A model with a battery of 70 kvh is cheaper. When it comes to design vehicles Model S has not made a change since the model has only three years ago.



2016 Tesla Model S P85D

2016 Tesla Model S Release Date

What is interesting to say is that in spite of the perfect appearance and quality, Tesla still not satisfied and goes on in training. Soon, in September this year we can expect delivery model X. Through two years comes and Model 3. Generation Tesla Roadster is a new generation of announced and it will be available in the near future. The fastest crossover in the world will be the Model X version Luuudicrous. As you see, this can be useful information about release date, design and other specs.

2016 Seat Ibiza

Last year, Seat Ibiza celebrated its 30 years of existence, during which time it sold over four million copies worldwide. Like most companies, and here we have a case. To improve the model in different ways. We’ll see what happens in terms of design and motive power. 2016 Seat Ibiza is new model and we will try to introduce you this vehicle on best way.

2016 Seat Ibiza side

2016 Seat Ibiza Design Changes

Although this car is very important for the Spanish manufacturer’s vehicle sales in previous years is not justified expectations. In 2014 SEAT delivered in Europe only 112.928 Ibiza, which is not only the worst year in the history of this car, but it still lags significantly behind the leaders in the class such as the Ford Fiesta, Renault Clio and Volkswagen Polo. For 2015 Seat Ibiza is packed refreshed, which brings small design changes and several new engine, in order to survive this car on the market over the next two or three years when you should make his debut a brand new replacement. Ibiza continues Volkswagen’s global parts PQ25 platform, which also builds the Skoda Rapid, Volkswagen Polo and Audi A1.

2016 Seat Ibiza front side

On the design side, this car brings new bumpers and headlights and a choice of alum 16 and 17 inches, and there are several new colors. Equally small changes suffered and interior, which brings the revised instrument panel, multifunction steering wheel, high quality materials and rich equipment (new Easy Connect infotainment system with touchscreen, Mirror Link, a new audio system with six speakers, rear camera. To attract more young customers, the Spanish giant has decided to offer an optional Colour package that allows the buyer to choose a number of details on the exterior and interior in seven different colors (frame front grille, side mirrors, alloy wheels, details on the steering wheel, a ring inside.

2016 Seat Ibiza interior

2016 Seat Ibiza inside

Engine and Performance

Ibiza is also the first product of the Volkswagen Group, which offers three different versions of the popular 1.0L three-cylinder engine, a customer may choose between the options of 75 hp, 95 hp and 110 hp. There is also the famous 1.4L turbo gasoline engine, which develops 150 hp. For fans of diesel power, there are three 1.4L TDI engine of 75 hp, 90 hp and 105 hp.

2016 Seat Ibiza grill

The most economical version is the weakest diesel, which offers a combined consumption of only 3.4 liters per 100 kilometers with CO2 emissions of just low 88 g/km. While all engines provide a standard manual transmission, some versions are available with an automatic DSG seven speed. On paper Ibiza looks like a solid representative of the class, but still far from the top. It is hoped refreshments will be big enough to survive this car on the market before the replacement arrived.

2016 Lexus ES Review and Pictures

It is hard to imagine that the 2016 Lexus ES as old as the legendary Japanese brand. This model exudes elegance but also a sporting spirit. The junction of these two gives a pretty good combination, especially if we take into account the quality and price as well as certain specifications. We’ll see how things stand with the driving force and-Design itself can already see on the displayed image.


2016 Lexus ES Changes and Price

As far back as 1989, Toyota launched its first premium brand Lexus in the US market, and although most of the attention paid to increasing the LS sedan, the company felt that it needed a cheaper and an additional product. For this reason, he saw the light of day and ES250, which is actually a Toyota Camry Prominent domestic markets. From then until the present day relationship between 2016 Lexus ES and Camry still exists, although to a lesser extent, the results are still excellent.

In 2014 over 72,000 ES-and have found buyers, which makes this car company’s second best-selling product, and the current generation debuted three years ago. At this year’s Motor Show in Shanghai, he saw the light of day and refreshed EC, to which most attention was devoted to design changes. For some time, Lexus presents a design detail in the form of a large grill on all its products, and even in 2016 the EC was no exception.

2016 Lexus ES

In this way 2016 Lexus ES looks very aggressive and modern and at first glance it may recognize from which the company takes. While some see it as a positive characteristic, while others say it is a large grill is ideal for larger crossover vehicles, it is still exaggerating the smaller cars. Other design changes are much less – taillights are similar to the bigger and more expensive GS-in while the choice of several measuring wheels, from 17 to 20 inches. Much bigger changes has undergone interior, where the choice of several different colors and quality materials. Lexus says that the interior for many years been one of the major flaws and that many noticing the similarity with the Camry, but it is certainly no longer the case.


Specs and Engine of 2016 Lexus ES

On the American market, the EC will be able to gain only with 3.5L V6 engine that develops 305 hp and 377 Nm of torque. Sometime later, the offer will be extended with 2.5L hybrid, which will develop a total of 190 hp and provides a combined fuel consumption of under five liters per 100 kilometers. Since the updated EC introduced into China, Lexus has made several mechanical novelty for this market. In the largest market in the world standard engine will be a 2.0L turbo from NX200t with 235 hp, and later is expected to be more powerful 2.5L turbo version.

2016 Lexus ES grill

2016 Lexus ES engine

2016 Lexus ES Price

Expectations are also that both engines found under the hood of the Lexus ES 2016 and the other markets in the near future. The only transmission available as an option is a six-speed automatic transmission, which transmits power to the front wheels. The starting price of 2016 Lexus ES is 38,600 dollars  with the standard model and 41,500 dollars for the hybrid should not change greatly. Serial production and sales running by the end of the year, when we will also find out what customers really think about new design lines.

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2016 BMW 6 Series Coupe Changes

Lovers of sports, convertible cars for some time expect to find in sales in 2016 BMW 6 Series Coupe. It is a model that has experienced some changes and thus equip yourself for a whole new challenge that buyers are set. Things are too fast taking place regarding this vehicle, we had the presentation in Detroit and now we can expect soon and its sale. We will have what to talk about and if you go from design through to what’s under the hood. The offer is rich and the changes that were made are also traffic so this is a combination that represents a big hit and joy for all fans of this vehicle.

2016 BMW 6 Series Coupe side side

2016 BMW 6 Series Coupe Design

Offer 2016 BMW 6 Series Coupe is based on six models, the German carmaker has decided that at the same location presents the full range standard coupe, convertible and then at the end GranCoupe with four doors and in standard and M versions. Although the updated model is largely identical to the predecessor, the biggest changes are the design, though, and you’ll have them in detail to look for them to notice. BMW says that the grille is designed, it is difficult to notice and 6-Series continues to provide the same grill as we are used to seeing from the company in Munich. The headlights are now standard LED, bumpers are refreshed, and there are two choices wheels, 17-inch models on I6 and 18-inch on the V8 models. BMW is a lot of attention to the interior, who in previous years received a lot of criticism that does not have that high a standard as other models of the company.

2016 BMW 6 Series Coupe front side

The interior is far better and provides greater choice of standard and optional equipment, and there are also several new colors. When we say that we think the quality of materials used in making interior. Besides certain changes and quality is improved, so this is a great combination for something new.

2016 BMW 6 Series Coupe interior

2016 BMW 6 Series Coupe – Engine and Performance

We went to the hood, so it’s time to take a look below and see what it hides beneath it. Probably something promoted or processed, so let’s see. Offer mechanics did not change, but they are upgraded to meet new EU6 exhaust emission standards and thus provide better fuel economy and lower CO2 emissions. The first model in the 640i and provides a 3.0L turbo I6 engine with 316 horsepower and 450 Nm of torque while the next gasoline in the offer 650i with turbo 4.4L V8 engine with 444 horsepower and 649 Nm of torque. BMW says the 650i accelerates to 100 km/h in 4.6 seconds or 0.3 seconds faster than in the past, and both models still have a top speed limited to 250 km/h. 2016 BMW 6 Series Coupe offer a one elevator and it 640D with 3.0L I6 engine of 309 horsepower and 629 Nm of torque with a combined consumption of 5.2 liters per 100 kilometers.

2016 BMW 6 Series Coupe grill

The only transmission available as an option is the eight-speed automatic transmission with standard rear-wheel drive and optional four-hail. Top deals continue to make M models with 4.4L turbo V8 engine with 552 horsepower and 681 Nm of torque, while the power is transferred to the rear wheels. As in the past, acceleration to 100 km/h takes 4.2 seconds with a top speed of 250 km/h. The offer includes an optional Competition package, which adds 15 horsepower, 20-inch wheels and modified suspension.

A large number of satisfied customers when it comes to the BMW company but the competition is not quiet and will not sit folded arms. These minor changes were made to this model should improve sales but it remains to be seen. 2016 BMW 6 Series Coupe will pleasantly surprise us all his changes that have occurred even if it were minimal.