2016 Renault Talisman Price Interior Concept

2016 Renault Talisman review about many interesting specs, price, information in these article. For some time the internet there are rumors that Renault is preparing a new sedan with which to change the standards for the class. It’s probably true. New Renault Talisman 2016 will amaze you at first glance. His new lines are something that will grab the eye. Also we should mention some other things such as the quality of the interior and motor power.

2016 Renault Talisman rear

Design and Specs of 2016 Renault Talisman

On the design side, Talisman provides similar lines as some competitors, notably Volkswagen Passat and Mazda 6, but there is no doubt that the distinctive Renault. This applies particularly to the front of the vehicle, which is inspired by the smaller Clio, and at least in the pictures Talisman looks very luxurious and sporty.

2016 Renault Talisman side

It also refers to the name, for whom French giant said that it indicates strength and protection, and at the same time is easy to utter, and the emergence of attracting great attention. Although Talisman at first glance looks like a Nissan Maxima with the American market, the main people Renault-Nissan corporation say that the two cars do not share anything in common. The height of the roof is only 1:46 meters, which makes Talisman one of the lowest cars in its class, and in size it appears in the range of competitors with a length of 485 cm and a width of 187 cm.

The interior attracts the attention. He is a good and clear, with a rich selection of standard and optional equipment. Renault also says that his most comfortable and the most representative in terms of interiors and the customers certainly will not be disappointed.

2016 Renault Talisman rear side

2016 Renault Talisman interior

Engine Specs and Horsepower

As for the mechanics, the offer will include two petrol TCe 150 hp and 200 hp and three TDI diesel of 110 hp, 130 hp and 160 hp. Poorly equipped models will offer a six-speed automatic transmission while the better-equipped models will have a speed of more. In the beginning of the standard operation will be front-wheel drive, but is expected later version with permanent four-wheel drive. Renault has so many high expectations of Talisman that has already hired the Mercedes engineers to personally check early prototypes and recommend that changes should be made before mass production starts.

2016 Renault Talisman spy photos

2016 Renault Talisman Release Date

2016 Renault Talisman was announced as the largest premiere at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show in September, but the media already leaked official images and information about the newness wears Talisman label. Talisman should appear on sale early next year, but its sales will be limited only to certain European markets, among which there will be no UK.

This novelty is to replace Laguna offered the French automaker, whose sales fell steadily last year amounted to only 16,019 vehicles. The first specimens should begin arriving in showrooms in early 2016, and prices will be announced later. Price is not yet known but it will come in order to be given the realization of being approached.