2016 Tesla Model X SUV Price and Review

Three years after the first prototype, after several times postponed the premiere production version, Tesla Motors is presented to the public a long-awaited Model X. 2016 Tesla Model X SUV is a model that will delight all over the world and we will try to give more useful information about this model and make content more interesting for all of you. Any news that we get we will gladly share with you when it comes to design, price, specification, engine, date of implementation, and the like. Here we will have review about 2016 Tesla Model X SUV.

2016 Tesla Model X SUV side

Exterior and Interior Design Review of 2016 Tesla Model X SUV

Presentation of the new model 2016 Tesla Model X SUV was held in Tesla’s factory in California and personally led her founder and the firs man of the company, Elon Musk. Although slightly higher profile, Tesla X silhouette reminiscent of limousine Model S. The designers felt that there is no need to an electric car has imitation mask refrigerator, so this purely cosmetic detail completely disappeared from the Model X. One of the first details that will observer pay attention to the atypical back door.

When the Mask 2012 announced that the Model X behind a door that opens up (he called them “falcon doors” in automotive history are known as the gullwing – gullwing doors), many were skeptical of such a solution. However, the system is perfected to the last detail. It turned out that the method of opening the rear door on the Model X, except that a visually attractive, far more functional than the conventional solutions. Thanks to the special mechanism and the number of sensors that detect any obstacles in the vicinity of the vehicle, the door can be opened even at a minimal distance from the car in the parking lot adjacent vehicles.

2016 Tesla Model X SUV inside

The interior of the Model X, with a giant screen in the center console through which you perform all the settings in the vehicle, reminiscent of the cockpit of the Model S. Tesla’s new car combines classical crossover vehicles and the mini-van, and the position of the driver and passengers slightly higher compared to the limousine with enough space between their heads and the roof. Model X has room for 6 or 7 people in three rows of seats, in configurations twp plus two plus two, or two plus three plus two. The seats in the second row are electrically moved back and forth independently of each other, which also makes it easier for passengers to seats in the third row.

2016 Tesla Model X SUV exterior

2016 Tesla Model X SUV Engine Specs

Tesla’s crossover is driven by two electric motors. Front has 259 hp, while the last is developing 503 HP. Total combined torque rises to 967 Nm. Each of the motor transmits power to the appropriate axle, which enables the drive to all four wheels. Based on data published by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Tesla Model X 90D (version with batteries of 90 kWh) on a single charge can travel 414 km.

The source said that the faster variant, P90D, has slightly less autonomy in the run – 402 km. Model X may not startan as Model S, but it certainly has outstanding performance. Top version, P90D, 0-96 km/h (0-60 mph) sprint in 3.8 s. When activated the so-called madness button, this speed is reached in just 3.2 s. Model X 90D also has excellent characteristics with respect to the standstill to speeds of 96 km/h in 4.8 s. Top speed of both models is 250 km/h.

2016 Tesla Model X SUV rear side

2016 Tesla Model X SUV inside seats

Safety of 2016 Tesla Model X

Tesla says the car is equipped with an air suspension system, as well as security technology automatic braking in the event of a collision. Manufacturer particular stands out a system that protects vehicle occupants from the outside polluted air with the help of special filters and creating a positive air pressure in the car compared to atmospheric, the first application of this technology in a production model.

2016 Tesla Model X SUV Price

Customers who want to purchase 2016 Tesla Model X SUV, will in addition to the money about $140,000 to own and patience. Those who ordered today will be waiting for the delivery year. He would later appear on the market a cheaper version at a price of $132,000.  For more information visit edmunds.

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