2015 Toyota Yaris Redesign and Release Date

Toyota as a company is at the top when it comes to customer relations. 2015 Toyota Yaris is another in a series of models that will surely leave a mark like his predecessors. We’ll talk about the design and the driving force of the engine. We will see what are the features that are important for this auto. When the Toyota Yaris unveiled a new three year plan was clear – to spoil the bills leaders in the class in the American and European markets.

2015 Toyota Yaris rear side

2015 Toyota Yaris Redesign

This did not happen so American buyers still mostly buy Nissan Versa and Chevrolet Sonic, while European buyers trusty Ford Fiesta and Renault Cliu, a major criticism of Toyota’s representative goes on quite annoying drivability. The world’s largest carmaker plans to fix the problem collaboration with Mazda and so will the next generation Yaris Mazda2 actually be a somewhat different design, but until that will come, Toyota has decided to improve its famous subcompact with new and streamlined design. The Japanese automaker said that although at first glance, the changes seem minimal, the 2015 Yaris has even spent 576,000 hours. Approximately 1,000 pieces were transferred from the predecessor, but the biggest changes they relate to the design, quality interior and slightly more efficient engines.

2015 Toyota Yaris front grill

Alessandro Massimino, president of Toyota for the European market, said the Yaris has had a lot of praise at the expense of quality, fuel efficiency and low maintenance costs, and now it’s solved the problem of the design, which is largely borrowed from the recently introduced second generation Yaris. Although the last part got some new lines, especially in the form of bumper and lights, the biggest changes are in the front, where he continued strategy with Aygo in the form of the letter “X” and the LED headlamps and sporty bumper.

2015 Toyota Yaris interior

Equally large changes can be observed in the interior, which is significantly higher quality, and offers more standard and optional equipment, and special are the next generation Touch 2 system that commands the audio system in the entire vehicle. Toyota will also provide a long list of modifications, by which it will be impossible to find two identical copies on the streets. While in the past Yaris mainly developed in Japan, this time the advantage is given to Europe, and it is expected that the new model will be considerably more fun to drive. In terms of mechanics, there were no major changes.

2015 Toyota Yaris seats

2015 Toyota Yaris Engine

The standard engine is still a 1.0L with 71 hp, and its CO2 emissions reduced to a very low 99 g / km. There is also the famous 1.3L gasoline engine with 99 hp and the 1.4L diesel identical forces, as in the past, American customers can still receive Yaris with only one gasoline and 1.5L with 107 hp.

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2015 Yaris Release Date

Production and sales 2015 Toyota Yaris will start by the end of the year, and prices would not be a significant change, which means that European buyers can expect a starting price of under 10,000 euros while American buyers have to pay around $ 15,000. Although the 2015 Yaris will certainly not hamper competition from the beginning of the story, he should still continue to attract customers while not entirely new model debuts 2018.