2017 Toyota C-HR Concept

These days in Paris introduced another concept and 2017 Toyota C-HR. At first glance, the vehicle looks really futuristic, innovative and ahead of its time. It’s not like something simple. Although there is not much detail, we would like to share with you some of the features of this vehicle that the information available to us.

2017 Toyota C-HR side

2017 Toyota C-HR Design

Toyota on the occasion of the Paris Motor Show presented a conceptual crossover 2017 Toyota C-HR, a hint of vehicles that the company “wanted to offer to the market” in the future. The concept brings a new design theme, which will be characteristic of future models of the Japanese brand. Pronounced wheel arches, curved rear shoulders and “floating” tail lights are the main visual characteristics of this concept.

Let’s start from the outer part. The exterior of this concept is characterized by the size of the wheels, which are larger than the body of the vehicle, a low silhouette sports coupe-crossover, and LED headlights, which were uncommon and did not like the predecessors. Great stop lights in the shape of a boomerang with LED technology.

2017 Toyota C-HR roof

What are the dimensions when it comes to this board? It is interesting to say that the vehicle was placed on the platform of the Japanese manufacturer. Is 4,350 mm long, 1,850 mm wide and 1,500 mm high.

Toyota has announced that this car is the size of the Auris and that “presents an expressive approach with diamond style theme. C-HR concept combines powerful new design language with a pleasant driving experience and a hybrid,” said the Japanese company.

2017 Toyota C-HR rear

Engine of 2017 Toyota C-HR

Have not yet given detailed information or information of any kind when it comes to power units. Toyota has not announced the details on the engine, except that it is a hybrid propulsion system. It is generally more emphasis is placed on a concept and not to its details.

2017 Toyota C-HR

2017 Toyota C-HR Release Date

The production version of this 2017 Toyota C-HR concept would be placed below the RAV4 compact SUV, which could happen by 2017. In July, the German Nurburgring track observed testing the Toyota Auris with high clearance, so it is possible that it was a test of technology and mechanics model which will be the basis of a visual concept C-HR.

Toyota will next month in Paris for the first time in Europe expose your car with the fuel cell, that will be on this continent to be launched next year.

2015 Toyota Yaris Redesign and Release Date

Toyota as a company is at the top when it comes to customer relations. 2015 Toyota Yaris is another in a series of models that will surely leave a mark like his predecessors. We’ll talk about the design and the driving force of the engine. We will see what are the features that are important for this auto. When the Toyota Yaris unveiled a new three year plan was clear – to spoil the bills leaders in the class in the American and European markets.

2015 Toyota Yaris rear side

2015 Toyota Yaris Redesign

This did not happen so American buyers still mostly buy Nissan Versa and Chevrolet Sonic, while European buyers trusty Ford Fiesta and Renault Cliu, a major criticism of Toyota’s representative goes on quite annoying drivability. The world’s largest carmaker plans to fix the problem collaboration with Mazda and so will the next generation Yaris Mazda2 actually be a somewhat different design, but until that will come, Toyota has decided to improve its famous subcompact with new and streamlined design. The Japanese automaker said that although at first glance, the changes seem minimal, the 2015 Yaris has even spent 576,000 hours. Approximately 1,000 pieces were transferred from the predecessor, but the biggest changes they relate to the design, quality interior and slightly more efficient engines.

2015 Toyota Yaris front grill

Alessandro Massimino, president of Toyota for the European market, said the Yaris has had a lot of praise at the expense of quality, fuel efficiency and low maintenance costs, and now it’s solved the problem of the design, which is largely borrowed from the recently introduced second generation Yaris. Although the last part got some new lines, especially in the form of bumper and lights, the biggest changes are in the front, where he continued strategy with Aygo in the form of the letter “X” and the LED headlamps and sporty bumper.

2015 Toyota Yaris interior

Equally large changes can be observed in the interior, which is significantly higher quality, and offers more standard and optional equipment, and special are the next generation Touch 2 system that commands the audio system in the entire vehicle. Toyota will also provide a long list of modifications, by which it will be impossible to find two identical copies on the streets. While in the past Yaris mainly developed in Japan, this time the advantage is given to Europe, and it is expected that the new model will be considerably more fun to drive. In terms of mechanics, there were no major changes.

2015 Toyota Yaris seats

2015 Toyota Yaris Engine

The standard engine is still a 1.0L with 71 hp, and its CO2 emissions reduced to a very low 99 g / km. There is also the famous 1.3L gasoline engine with 99 hp and the 1.4L diesel identical forces, as in the past, American customers can still receive Yaris with only one gasoline and 1.5L with 107 hp.

You have some interesting video below.

2015 Yaris Release Date

Production and sales 2015 Toyota Yaris will start by the end of the year, and prices would not be a significant change, which means that European buyers can expect a starting price of under 10,000 euros while American buyers have to pay around $ 15,000. Although the 2015 Yaris will certainly not hamper competition from the beginning of the story, he should still continue to attract customers while not entirely new model debuts 2018.

2015 Toyota Hydrogen Concept and Price

Toyota has released the first photos of the production version of the car that will be powered by the hydrogen fuel cell (FCV). 2015 Toyota Hydrogen Concept is definitely hot news for all fans of Toyota models and those who are waiting for the right refreshment.

2015 Toyota Hydrogen sign

2015 Toyota Hydrogen Design

For those who are familiar with the appearance of the concept car, the design of the production Toyota FCV is not surprising. However, everyone else will be very surprised when she shows up on the roads 2015th year.

Although the most unusual comment on the design, which is to say anything but that it is attractive, Toyota once applied a similar principle when the market offered the first models with hybrid drive. On the exterior appearance affected the aerodynamic characteristics, but perhaps the desire of the company to design, set clear distance between cars on hydrogen and other models.

2015 Toyota Hydrogen front grill

2015 Toyota Hydrogen Release Date and Price

Toyota plans to be the first vehicle powered by hydrogen reach customers in Japan in the spring of 2015th sale in Europe and North America will begin in the summer of the same year. For now, the only known price for the domestic market where the Toyota FCV priced at about 7 million yen (about 50,000 euros). Initially, the car will go on sale exclusively and parts of the country where the infrastructure charging stations for hydrogen in the building.

Toyota late last year announced that as part of the transition to green production, which are less polluting and consume less resources by 2015. Commence mass production of hydrogen cars. One director, Toyota, Satoshi Ogiso, said that it will be leasing the car, used to transport officials and celebrities, but the car for every day for ordinary people.

2015 Toyota Hydrogen engine system

All the leading automobile manufacturers, including General Motors and Daimler, decades of work on cars fueled by hydrogen. Experts estimate that the governments of the countries that they have on the streets of such vehicles, will have to invest a lot of pump for filling the car with hydrogen.

Skeptics say that the pumps with hydrogen to be more expensive than those for electric cars, and that will require new and safer ways to produce, store and transport hydrogen. The advantages of hydrogen vehicles, a Japanese expert on cars Koichiro Imoto states that are filled more quickly, as ordinary cars with gasoline and can cross several miles without recharging than electric.

2015 Toyota Hydrogen rear side

2015 Toyota Camry Redesign

One of the best-selling car is the Toyota Camry, but this will specifically be said about the model 2015 Toyota Camry redesign. People have recognized the quality and safety measures, and that’s why he took a prominent place.In this paper we will see what it is that we expect when it comes to the new exterior, interior and engine power. Before us is located beside the vehicle that will most delight customers with their design, especially those who are loyal customers and fans of Toyota models. For this reason, we’ll try something more to say about the design inside and out and bring you closer to the overall picture of the vehicle.

2015 Toyota Camry rear side
2015 Toyota Camry – rear side of vehicle.

2015 Toyota Camry Review

In America in 2013 allocated to the consumption of the Camry even 408.484 but now the place has become endangered again because there is all the more dangerous competition. . Rivals such as the Ford Fusion, Hyundai Sonata and Kia Optima are recorded strong sales growth, and when you add in the traditionally high-sellers such as the Honda Accord and Nissan Altima, it becomes clear why the world’s largest vehicle manufacturer scared that Camry is no longer preferred choice of customers. One of the main reasons is that many people consider this car to be very boring. The aforementioned rivals have caught up with the Camry in quality, but also provide sporty design and thus attract younger customers. At this year’s autoshowny, Toyota unveiled the new Camry with which he hoped to increase adrenaline and thus attract customers of all ages.

2015 Toyota Camry grill
2015 Toyota Camry – front grill of vehicle.

2015  Camry – Exterior and Interior Design

Despite some similarities with the previous model, the new 2015 Toyota Camry has experienced changes that are evident and can be seen at a glance. Complete sheet metal is completely new with the exception of the roof, and although the chassis remained identical dimensions of vehicles have increased in every respect. The front grille is now providing a more aggressive grill and LED headlamps, while the rear of inspired luxury Lexus. The Japanese automaker said it was the best sport Camry ever produced and he believes customers want just such a car, as the previous year Sport SE version makes up about 45 % of total sales.

2015 Toyota Camry interior
2015 Toyota Camry – interior.

Interior of 2015 Toyota Camry provides quality materials and a long list of standard and optional equipment. There is enough space for the driver and passengers, while all controls are easy to use. Camry will continue to be the most comfortable car in its class, and Toyota says it will also be the quietest. However, not only the design of new to attract younger customers, but also a complete suspension specially modified, with which to fight the Camry, Ford Fusion and Mazda 6 for the best sports car in its class.

2015 Toyota Camry instrument interior
2015 Toyota Camry – instrument interior.

2015 Toyota Camry – Engine

We have come to the end of this article. We want to finish with some remarks on the engine power of the respective driving forces vehicles. The choice of engines is the same as in the past, which means that they offer a choice of two petrol engines, including 2.5L I4 with 178 horsepower and a 3.5L V6 with 268 horsepower. All engines transmit power to the front wheels via a six-speed automatic transmission, except for future hybrids will be available only with the CVT transmission. Expectations are that the Camry continues to be the best selling car in its class because of family buyers who care more about quality, comfortable ride and resale value is always higher than those who want a sportier drive.

2015 Toyota Camry cargo space

2015 Toyota Camry – Price

Depending on the equipment you will possess such a vehicle will be a price. But if we’re talking about a an average starting price, then we will make the point that it is $ 24.273. It is a basic base unit with the requisite specificity. As you see we mentioned price of 2015 Toyota Camry, engine, short review about exterior and interior design. As you see, we mentioned something about review, that means exterior and interior design, price and we promise that you can expect more information in close future.

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2014 Toyota Hilux Specs and Price

2014 Toyota Hilux is one of the newer models of Hilux that will show off their skills. Otherwise 2014 Toyota Hilux for a couple of decades shows that it is one of the best cars when it comes to pulling power. He proved to be a good holding a horse that is ready to work all day and carries an enormous amount of cargo. We will try to clarify what the text is that in this new model, and in general to say something about the design and performance.

2014 Toyota Hilux side exterior
2014 Toyota Hilux side exterior

2014 Toyota Hilux Design

I must say that this time, no major shift when it comes to design. What has changed is a little in front of the bars. Since two years ago, the last model improved, there will be a change soon. And models that are coming in a year will not have much improvement or change when it comes to the outer part.

When we talk about the interior of the 2014 Toyota Hilux seat and door panels are changed to black. Small changes in the interior such as this can make a huge difference. Many things fortunately remain stored and unchanged. Toyota probably knows what he does not go back with the new model.

2014 Toyota Hilux interior
2014 Toyota Hilux interior.

2014 Toyota Hilux – Powertrain

2014 Toyota Hilux Stability Control is improved. Improving the calibration is done and thus is prevented skidding when cornering by applying the brakes to the wheel. Toyota continues to improve and promote their performance.

When talking about the engine we are talking about the 3.0 liter diesel systems that are not particularly prominent among their peers. Boasts a relatively low speed and high fuel economy. Should possess six degrees of manual transmission would be more useful than the temporary five-speed transmission.

2014 Toyota Hilux engine

Toyota Hilux – Price

How much will that cost model we can now see more clearly. Simply place the kind of war that tells us that in 2013 HiLux SR5 with her some equipment that cost $ 46.990. Prices are set in such a way that they can return to normal as soon as they come out a new model. Prices ranging or moving to modelSR5 crew-cab between $ 48,000 and $ 50,000 are nothing unusual for this model.

2014 Toyota Hilux – Safety

For the safety of the 2014 Toyota Hilux we can say that it is quite high. Six airbags and ANCAP safety system are something that gives a modest contribution to this vehicle. In addition, we also have a belt with a light that warns of the potential danger. Then we have a lap-sash belt, which is located at the middle of the rear seat and in particular filling the driver or his legs. Some of these modifications have been enough to raise the security system of this model to five stars.

2014 Toyota Hilux inside

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2014 Toyota Aygo Teases at Auto Show Geneva

Another guest at the Geneva Auto Show will be the 2014 Toyota Aygo. This is the latest version that will surely leave you to think about what it is new that will offer potential buyers. There are a lot of hopes and desires of the customers which are addressed to the Toyota Company. First of all we think of a better designed program of comfort and luxury while driving, especially when it comes to longer destinations. Toyota will certainly provide better specifications and thus will satisfy their customers. It also means more after completing the Auto Show in Geneva and throughout its duration. In this post we can show you some pictures from predecessors.

2014 Toyota Aygo
2014 Toyota Aygo spy photos

2014 Toyota Aygo Specs

Toyota has released the first photo showing the blacked front of the car. It is not known to which extent will the new Aygo differ from the recently introduced models Peugeot 108 and Citroen C1 current heir, whose Prime Minister also announced the auto show in Geneva.
The first generation of the 2014 Toyota Aygo, Peugeot 107 and Citroen C1 launched in 2005 and three fellow models differed only in some accents.

The new model should be practical as though this is a small city car. But it is expected that the size is about 3.7mi width of about 1.6 which makes it slightly larger than its predecessor. If we talk about the back of the trunk of the vehicle, then there is an increase in large-750l if you include folding seats which gives the size of the prostate. It would be good to add more options to the manufacturer offers to the model did things better for urban.

2014 Toyota Aygo
2014 Toyota Aygo inside

2014 Toyota Aygo Teases – Engine

What can we expect from this engine in urban conditions? I deliberately said the city because the most pollution. It is expected primarily reduced emissions. Engine with three-cylinder 1.2-liter will manage to reduce the harmful emissions of less than 100g of CO2 per km.

2014 Toyota Aygo
2014 Toyota Aygo engine

Aygo Teases – Release Date and Price

If you mention the realization of sales of 2014 Toyota Aygo, we can say freely that it expects to end 2014. And it will not go alone but with his competitive Peugeot 108 and Citroen C1. Will be launched together and about their further development should go at the same time. And when it comes to price it should cost around £ 500 more than their relatives. So it will be a starting price of about £ 8.500 as the basis of a few other upgrades, and various accessories will be separately charged.

You can look this video material about newToyota Aygo .

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2014 Toyota 4Runner Redesign and Release

For nearly three decades, the SUV midsize Toyota 4Runner has been a model of reliability for off-road driving enthusiasts looking for an ultra rugged SUV that can go anywhere . Now in its fifth generation, the 4Runner remains one of the only true midsize SUVs. And the redesigned 2014 Toyota 4Runner has a robust new exterior design, interior refinements that enhance comfort and convenience without sacrificing performance and excellent value that made ​​his reputation. 4Runner combines rugged body-on-frame construction to Advanced suspension technologies that provide optimal off-road capability with a ball and a mild that it would be more likely to associate with crossovers comfort.

2014 Toyota 4Runner
2014 Toyota 4Runner exterior. One of options.

2014 Toyota 4Runner Options

2014 Toyota 4Runner is available in three versions: the well-equipped SR5 offering excellent value for money, the Limited at the top of the range and Trail version for those looking for maximum off road capabilities. The third row of seats optional on SR5 and Limited can accommodate up to seven people inside. 2014 Toyota 4Runner owners will have the choice of a 4 X 4 temporary or permanent 4 X 4 multimode with lockable center differential.


2014 Toyota 4Runner – Exterior of All Three Options

SR5 and Trail versions have a grille insert and a color-keyed front bumper color-keyed fog lamps surrounded mounted in inlaid sharp angles that extend headlights down to the bumper. Version Trail has new bumpers and fender flares color matched and it continues to distinguish itself through its aggressive air intake on the hood and painted silver on the front bumper and rear accents. All versions continue to be equipped as standard with a roof rack. Besides the distinctive new grille, front design upscale Limited trim out the lot with a grille insert and chrome plated a chrome front bumper that extends to the frames of the fog lights. The side moldings, the roof rack and rear bumper are also chrome trimmed. Headlights, halogen previously are now type projector with headlamps and rear combination lamps with redesigned now to LED lights on all versions of the 4Runner.

The SR5 and Trail versions will be carried on alloy wheels 17 inches each with a new design, while the Limited continues to be focused on alloy wheels of 20 inches, which are now painted black before processing to enhance the contrast. All versions will continue to be equipped with a standard full-size spare tire. 4Runner 2014 will be available in eight exterior colors with some new colors: super white, Black Metallic attitude, Barcelona Red Metallic and Nautical Blue Metallic. These colors will join the colors used earlier models: Blizzard Pearl, Classic Silver Metallic, Magnetic Gray Metallic and Black. SR5 and Trail versions add both standard door trim with soft surfaces and a leather wrapped steering wheel and shift knob leather-wrapped shift feel and provides an upscale atmosphere.

Gallery of 2014 Toyota 4Runner.

The SR5 gets a new Optitron instrumentation which is characterized by its brightness and its high visibility we find there the speedometer, tachometer, voltage indicator, fuel level and coolant temperature, plus a multifunction display that features multiples. A feedback system in efficient driving allows the driver to monitor fuel consumption in real time. On the 4Runner Trail version console to the ceiling allows easy access to group effectively off-road controls in one place. Compass and outside temperature gauge add to the functionality. An air conditioning system with manual control is standard on SR5 and Trail versions, the Limited has meanwhile an automatic temperature control in two areas. For passengers in the second row, the sculpted shape folder front seat provides additional knee space. The second-row seats, which include a center armrest, individually recline up to 16 degrees in four steps for maximum passenger comfort. 40/20/40 the seating configuration of the second row also has a mechanism that facilitates one-touch access to the third row. A third-row seat is available on SR5 and Limited versions and has spacious seats offering excellent support. The SR5 comes standard with comfortable seating covered with fabric available in Graphite color or Black.

2014 Toyota 4Runner – Interior

Softex seats are available on the SR5 and are standard on the Trail Version offering a flexible and rich feel. New for 2014, the SR5 version adds standard driver’s seat and eight-way power adjustable.The Limited trim comes standard with a leather trimmed interior with new ventilated driver and front passenger seats in Black and Redwood, the latter being a novelty. The front seats are also heated driver’s seat with eight-way power lumbar support and assisted passenger seat with four-way power adjustable settings. Both front seats have now a series storage system. The dual Variable Valve Timing with intelligence (VVT-i) optimizes torque across the operating range of the engine. The maximum towing capacity is 2,268 kg (5,000 lb) and all vehicles have a towing integrated wiring harness as standard equipment.

2014 Toyota 4Runner
2014 Toyota 4Runner interior.

4Runner – Engine

All models are equipped with the powerful 4.0-liter V6 270 horsepower mated to an automatic ECT-i five-speed transmission, and the 4Runner will continue to be one of the few vehicles to offer a transfer case. It includes a strong and more dynamic headlights smoked for a more assertive look grille.

2014 toyota 4runner SR5
2014 Toyota 4Runner SR5 – engine.

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2015 Toyota Fuel-Cell Concept Preview

Each vehicle has a future. And 2015 Toyota Fuel-Cell builds his path of life. Toyota has already presented her newborn 2015 Toyota Fuel-Cell at Autoshow. Therefore it is met with potential buyers. The concept of coexistence as a preview for the long awaited production version of the Toyota fuel cell vehicles, which should appear around the 2015 year. Of course, the point we collect the information for you. If you look at some of the pictures of this vehicle concept. More and more vehicles are getting great significance and will certainly important in the near future but us.

2015 Toyota Fuel-Cell
2015 Toyota Fuel-Cell concept exterior.

2015 Toyota Fuel-Cell Concept – Design

2015 Toyota Fuel-Cell model shown far could be called visually appealing. But it is not designed to win awards for car design. Given the main purpose of this vehicle is to pave the way for vehicles that use hydrogen as fuel. What is interesting to tell right away from the start. That Toyota is the first time its driving force focused by taking hydrogen to produce electricity. In this way, the battery is charging and start the vehicle. It works by pure hydrogen is pumped into reserve. In combination with air creating water that will create energy. Power circuit is done by the distinguished fuel cells and raises the vehicle.

2015 Toyota Fuel-Cell
2015 Toyota Fuel-Cell interior.

2015 Toyota Fuel-Cell – Engine and Exterior

2015 Toyota Fuel-Cell says that it takes only three minutes to fill vehicle fuel and that a full tank vehicle able to move around 500km. The concept has two fuel tanks under high pressure of 70Mpa. Which are placed under the body and providing a density of 3KW, L and an output of 136hp.

The 2015 Toyota Fuel-Cell concept is 4870m long, 1810mm wide and 1535mm high and 2780 mm wheelbase. Which offers plenty of space in the cabin for four persons. According to the company, when the fuel tanks full they can provide enough electricity to supply an average Japanese home electricity for more than seven days.

Photo gallery.


Most likely, the whole story started in California. It is planned to build specialized stations across the country. This will enable the company itself to do better. To simply this concept give life to the right place. Money of $200 million has already been approved. The town is about 20 stations will be designed for this purpose. You can look at the video showing events which have marked the car at the show. Was given a lot of importance. It’s probably not a coincidence. I will continue to go in that direction. We are going to follow and inform you.

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