2015 Hyundai ix35 2.0 CRDi Impression A/T 4WD Redesign

This time will be the word of already well-known 2015 Hyundai ix35 2.0 CRDi but the emphasis is on the redesign of this SUV put. Driving through our streets and roads are often puts you in a higher category of road users. Sit above most other drivers, you have the impression that you are more powerful and more secure, and poor quality pavement, tram rails and curbs do not feel under your oversized tires.

2015 Hyundai ix35 2.0 CRDi left side
2015 Hyundai ix35 2.0 CRDi exterior left side.

2015 Hyundai ix35 2.0 CRDi Impression A/T 4WD

2015 Hyundai ix35 2.0 CRDi is one of most economy way to look dangerous way.When it comes to the exterior, restyled 2015 Hyundai ix35 2.0 CRDi is equipped with a living room and positional LED lights that are designed to frame the new headlights. In addition, there are now bi-xenon high and low beam lights, and turn signals have been redesigned and moved from the outside to the inner edge of the light group near the mask refrigerator. Completely new look also includes the stop light. In addition to the introduction of LED technology designers have addressed rearrange content within the rear light clusters in order to make the car more modern and attractive.

2015 Hyundai ix35 2.0 CRDi front
2015 Hyundai ix35 2.0 CRDi front grill.

2015 Hyundai ix35 2.0 CRDi – Interior

In order to improve the overall impression of the cabin now has more quality materials that are soft to the touch, like the elements on the dashboard and door trim parts. Although the interior is still dominated by hard plastic finish is quite satisfactory and there are finely integrated, unobtrusive metallic details that are visually along well with black interior. New is that within the richest trim customer receives Supervision. Instrument panel with 4.2-inch TFT color LCD screen located between the tachometer and speedometer. On it are read travel information computer. Over else seven inch touch screen, which is placed on top of the center console, controls the functions of multimedia systems, such as audio devices or navigation. Word is a system of the latest generation. System is connected to a reversing camera, with the display automatically appears on the display when you move the shift lever and the R position. Hyundai within the redesign model 2015 Hyundai ix35 2.0 CRDi improved handling of cars and customers is now available in Flex Steer system settings hardness wheel with three modes: Comfort, Normal and Sport.


2015 Hyundai ix35 2.0 CRDi interior
2015 Hyundai ix35 2.0 CRDi interior.

How Facelift not changed the external and internal dimensions, to passengers is still available for the same space in the cabin. As for the seating position and the space, driver and passenger really have no reason to complain. Driver position in terms of comfort and visibility while driving, and overall ergonomics at a high level. Those who sit in the back, if not above average high, will also have enough space for both the knee and between the head and the roof.

2015 Hyundai ix35 2.0 CRDi display
2015 Hyundai ix35 2.0 CRDi display.

Although the interior is not at all small, the controls are designed so that they usually close at hand. It is particularly well-settled position of buttons for launching windows and mirrors and central locking that are in the driver’s doors. With other hand, the position of the switch rear window heater is quite illogical, because the button is flush right in the cockpit in front of the passenger seat.

2015 Hyundai ix35 2.0 CRDi gear
2015 Hyundai ix35 2.0 CRDi change gear.

First, you’ll wander a little sea until you find it, and then you also have to stretch to make it catch. It seems like the designers forgot about it, and then they thought it convenient to set up symmetrically with a button to start the engine, which is of the same shape. Visually it looks good, but is functional. The logical place for the last button heater would be on the panel below the climate display, which is set by functions similar commands.

2015 Hyundai ix35 2.0 CRDi display safety
2015 Hyundai ix35 2.0 CRDi display safety.

2015 Hyundai ix35 2.0 CRDi – Engine

The test car under the hood has a 2.0-liter CRDi turbo-diesel engine that is the enhanced version of the standard 136 horsepower to as much as 184 horsepower, which is more than enough for the vehicle difficult to 1.6-1.7 tons. Power in the test specimen is transferred using six-speed automatic transmission. This is another privilege of only those customers who choose 2.0 CRDi with 184 horsepower and 4WD drive – provided that this transmission.


2015 Hyundai ix35 2.0 CRDi engine
2015 Hyundai ix35 2.0 CRDi engine.

Indeed, the 2015 Hyundai ix35 2.0 CRDi is well tolerated with sharper turns and driving. Bumps in the road and shallower holes nice iron, which further contribute to the large 18-inch wheels and high profile tires.

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2014 Hyundai PassoCorto Concept

Lasted a lot of preparation and a lot of talk about the concept of 2014 Hyundai PassoCorto. Fair like this now in Geneva gave the opportunity to shine the vehicle as it would anyone wished. Of course, this vehicle has and what it offers. But many will only be able to watch it and nothing more. IED passu Corto is a joint project of Hyundai’s European design studio and Turin Instituto Europeo di Design. Cooperation has included the work of 16 students in the Master study industrial design team led by Luca Borgogno, a leading designer Pininfarina. Cooperation between the South Korean giant and the Italian design studio has produced one of the finest and most interesting models exhibited in Geneva.

2014 Hyundai PassoCorto
2014 Hyundai PassoCorto concept exterior.

2014 Hyundai PassoCorto Concept

Hyundai says that the students are instructed 2014 Hyundai PassoCorto design by creating products for the younger clientele that wants continuous link with the world and while in the car. But no mention of touchscreen displays, connection and infotainment systems. The design is truly a reflection of youth and enthusiasm. Youth is woven into this vehicle. At first glance, this car is breathtaking. Characteristics of him to express his aggression, focus, and again on the other side of a heat. The orange color is just meant that potential customers create that impression. The details regarding the interior we have no concrete information so we wait some more.

If Hyundai IED 2014 Hyundai PassoCorto sports car what students believe that Generation Y wants, then we enthusiastically expected arrival of this and similar projects into reality. Of course, Hyundai is not even remotely hinted that there would Passo Cort could even be considered.

2014 Hyundai PassoCorto
2014 Hyundai PassoCorto front side exterior.

2014 Hyundai PassoCorto – Engine

You could have some to pause and give some information regarding the motive power of the vehicle. What is it that will launch this vehicle. What power will run and that will be reduced emission of harmful gases to the environment? All this is what the Father will speak and father is already heavily story. For now, the motor theory of 1.6 guitar will be right 266 horses which is not bad. Or that is in the domain theory and can endure a variety of changes. Length of study is 4090 mm​​, width 1880 mm and height of 1,206 mm with a wheelbase of 2,450 mm, which makes extremely compact dimensions compared with the current competition market.

2014 Hyundai PassoCorto
2014 Hyundai PassoCorto rear side of concept.

Also you can look concept of this vehicle in this video below.

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2015 Hyundai Intrado Concept

2015 Hyundai Intrado is one of those models that you may not like you but he will not leave you indifferent. Photos of this model will have been published before the fair in Geneva, which take place next week. This latest concept is Hyundai’s first car developed under the guidance of Peter Schreyer. Hyundai wants this concept that we present the design direction for its future models. And this model is fully ready for the Geneva Auto Show. Potential customers and fans of the vehicles will be able to hear what they’re interested in and we are here to give you some useful information.

2015 Hyundai Intrado
2015 Hyundai Intrado

2015 Hyundai Intrado Design

We must emphasize that this is really about a specific model. This route was called Fluidic Sculpture 2.0. Bearing in mind the current trends in the industry, the decision to introduce a new design direction on the concept of sporty crossover seems like a real step. Focused on aerodynamic efficiency and minimalism in detail. Panels vehicles 2015 Hyundai Intrado manufactured from lightweight steel developed by the company itself in its steel plant. The front part is dominated by a large mask around which are arranged LED lights. Plastic Additives gray add the lower edge of the bumper and the Point. The rear of the LED lights adorn the C-shaped and rounded tailgate with very high bottom edge. Flanks vehicles are designed with sharp lines and very pronounced.

2015 Hyundai Intrado
2015 Hyundai Intrado exterior.

Simple and functional interior is equipped with advanced materials, transparent vents and visible carbon-fiber. The central structure is made of carbon fiber and is manufactured using a new technology that will merge Hyundai soon as the protection of intellectual property. Almost all emphasize that the interior of the build quality and lighter material.

2015 Hyundai Intrado
2015 Hyundai Intrado interior.

2015  Intrado – Engine

Car power supplies hydrogen fuel cells complemented the new generation of 36-kilowatt lithium ion battery. Charging takes just a few minutes, and the range is an impressive 600 km. This 2015 Hyundai Intrado launches next-generation powertrain that uses fuel cells as fuel.

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2015 Hyundai Elantra Review and Price

For several months everyone talking about this 2015 Hyundai Elantra.  It is speculated that it will look inside and out. There are a lot of themes and texts on it.  Some of you may know a lot about Hyundai cars. And we can mention the Hyundai Genesis. Here we mainly talking about the previous models. Of course we will mention what it might be, when it comes to change. Likely will not be much change. Changes have been done on the outside, the interior and updating horsepower. Since we do not have adequate images related to Hyundai Elantra 2015 we will look back at photos related to Genesis. And an animated images on the new Hyundai Elantra.

2015 Hyundai Elantra
Mazda MX-5 Miata concept exterior.

2015 Hyundai Elantra Review Features

What is  could be offered if we talk about the equipment in the 2015 Hyundai Elantra. Basically the same convenience that includes remote keyless entry, power windows, locks, mirrors and there could add and air conditioning. From the optional features who are not required we can basically be counted heated front seats, aluminum wheels, Bluetooth cell-phone connectivity. The Limited and Sport sedans have leather upholstery and are standard for them. There are going to package in the factory that the company will be to offer.

There are several package options, we will mention some variants. One variant is the SE’s Preferred Equipment Package that in your program could also include Bluetooth, heated front seats, alloy wheels and some other features. Then we can mention the Limited Technology Package which includes keyless entry with pushbutton engine start, dual-zone automatic climate control, uprated audio system, navigation system, rear view camera. Also in the package includes some standard features.

2015 Hyundai Elantra
2015 Hyundai Elantra rear side.

2015 Hyundai Elantra – Interior

One of the interesting questions that arises is how should look like. We must look at Genesis. Because right there is the key when you talk about the interior. Since there is no official information about the details of the inside. We had  to rely on the Genesis. There are many similarities between the two models. Some people can not make a difference. One thing is certain, the 2015 Hyundai Elantra will have a charming appearance. And it inside and out. Just in advance can feeling comfort of vehicles that need to get out. As soon as the details are related to the interior and the exterior of let you know. You can look some of previous model in this gallery.

Photo gallery.


Engine of Hyundai Elantra

As well as so far the offer will probably be offered two engines. Customers will be able to choose between the 1.8 l and 2.8 l. The coupe and hatchback should have one engine on offer. The SE and Limited sedans will look to us to come with its 1.8-liter four-cylinder and 145-horsepower. Still talk about six-speed automatic transmission, which will be optionally that the SE and standard on the Limited. All this machines and GTs will have 173 horsepower. They are combined with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine. On this case is a part of 2014 freshening. Sedans and GTs should have an optional six-speed automatic and six-speed manual transmission.

2015 Hyundai Elantra Price

When you take into account the quality and design compared to the price, then we can say that the price is a really a big plus. Such a model is more than favorable. Depending on the level of equipment available will range and price. In this case, MSRP $25,025 while an average of $23,734. This is what according to what you have to plan your shopping when it comes to this model.

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2015 Hyundai Genesis Sedan Design and Specs

The 2015 Hyundai Genesis aims to strengthen its market position. The Genesis sedan helped Hyundai to establish some sort of protection. For customers it is very important thing. This mainly happened sometime in 2009. This vehicle is well equipped and luxurious four-door. This method is perfect for business person and for people who are somehow introduced born star.

2015 Hyundai Genesis
2015 Hyundai Genesis exterior.

2015 Hyundai Genesis Sedan Exterior and Interior

The 2015 Hyundai Genesis has total change in every sense of the word. 2015 Hyundai Genesis is open for redesign the interior. In this thing obviously played a big role a book design created by Audi. The grids which is at the front of the vehicle  appearance resembles a big mouth. Then LED markers lights and sculpted hood. The headlights are narrower and more pronounced around the upper part of the fender lines are sharper. Generally the outer part is sharper.

The interior took place a complete revision. The layout is slightly different. The screen that is in charge of navigation is larger. Center stack and center console layouts, aluminum and metallic trim and a new wooden give a special look inside the vehicle. What had been retained? It is a  dial button media controller in the center of console. This is good in comparison to Germany’s  and  Japanese rivals. It is a new comfort seats and a new steering wheel shaped.

2015 Hyundai Genesis
2015 Hyundai Genesis interior design.

Hyundai Genesis Sedan – Engine

As a pleasant surprise led to helm is the rubber. Helm is more flexible than linear. Better managed with it which is very important for a driver than the previous electric Hyundai or directly preceding model. Electric power-steering replaced the previous outgoing car’s hydraulically assisted steering. What is interesting,  is the first time that he use of a rack-mounted motor assist versus column-mounted unit, that increases the inertia and friction and undermines a sense of control. In terms of improving the engine, were happening positive things and now we have a 3.8-liter V6 engine, aesthetic tweaks and the arrival of this range-topping Genesis 5.0 R-Spec.

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This time we can only mentioned some base price and that price can be about $38.000. But this is only base, we can expect and others prices for other models.

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