2014 Lamborghini Huracan Presented in Geneva

Auto Show Geneva yesterday begun the press and have already presented some of the models. Among them is the 2014 Lamborghini Huracan who is in the spotlight introduced journalistic audience. Enthusiasm was more than obvious. Although Huracan’s web site at the end of 2013 years, this is the first time that vehicle appear before an audience at one of the world’s motor shows. At the factory photos we could see that it was a car with improved design compared to the previous Gallardo model, but that is not disturbed distinctive style of Lamborghini. A bright yellow copy of which adorns the stand in Geneva this manufacturer only confirms the first impressions.

2014 Lamborghini Huracan

2014 Lamborghini Huracan Exterior and Interior

The front of2014 Lamborghini Huracan, the newly-shaped headlights, lowered the nose and large air intakes, contributing to the car look more aggressive than its predecessor. The wheel arches are pronounced, and the open air in front of the rear wheels are smaller and placed lower. Back to highlight this modern brake lights, completely changed the design of the bumper and two pairs of exhaust pipes.

2014 Lamborghini Huracan

Color TFT 12.3 instrument panel provides all the information about the vehicle, the number of revolutions to navigation maps and functions of information and entertainment systems can be configured by the driver for different settings. The design of the center console and the central tunnel is in line with a sense of lightness of the interior. Superior finishing guarantee the highest quality and a sense of luxury.

2014 Lamborghini Huracan


The engine is definitely something interesting for all of you who will be there. The driving force of the vehicle is what is interesting. Output of 610 horsepower produced by the engine of the 5.2L V10 with torque of 8250 it one min and maximum torque of 560nm at 6500 it one min. Under this model, the intelligent combined direct and indirect fuel injection. The essence of every production is to comply with potential buyers. You must lower consumption that is done here. The maximum speed of the model is over 325 km per hour is a hi acceleration of 0 to 100 km h at accomplished in 3.2 seconds, or from 0 to 200 km h at the 9.9 seconds.

Different modes of driving 2014 Lamborghini Huracan model can be selected via the voters of driving dynamics on the steering wheel. It is available with three modes Sport, Strada and Corsa. Different modes allow for extensive modification of the behavior of vehicles on the road.

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2014 Opel Astra OPC Extreme Design

2014 Opel Astra OPC Extreme is a new model that is presented Opel company. It is also one of the participants at the Auto Show to be held in Geneva. Today started out before the conference through two days and moving to the other. Under the hood will have the proper tags for OPC engine Extreme. Titled Astra OPC Extreme we were 13 years ago in the same location have the opportunity to see the DTM-like styled super-concept attractive extremely tuned Astra hatchback. Now before us an entirely new concept of the old recipe. But the recipe is in this case slightly different form but equally extreme as the one of the past decade.

2014 Opel Astra OPC Extreme
2014 Opel Astra OPC Extreme exterior.

2014 Opel Astra OPC Extreme Exterior

An additional advantage of the model OPC Extreme in or on the conventional Astra OPC is that he’s 100 pounds lighter thanks to carbon fiber parts.

This specific case is very strong and lightweight material used for the aerodynamically optimized rear wing, diffuser, front spoiler, hood, side reinforced suspension, complete wheel, rear wheel arch above the roof. Carbon wheels are as much as 20 pounds lighter than the alloy, while the roof of carbon fiber weighs only 2.6 pounds. By comparison, the weight of the steel roof is 9.3 pounds. In this way, significantly lowered center of gravity and the Astra OPC Extreme. The fenders are made of aluminum and weighs 800 grams apiece, instead of 2.24 pounds as a steel.

Photo gallery.

Reduce weight in key areas significantly improves agility, overall management and, of course, power to weight ratio of the car. For this car specially developed 19-inch and 245 with 35 high-performance tires. In addition, the chassis is adjustable, just like real racing touring car.

2014 Opel Astra OPC – Interior

In the cabin, the Opel has packed Recaro sport tub with 6 point fixing, roll cage in place of the back seat, while further treatment weight savings demanded the development of the interior paneling, steering wheel and instrument panel in carbon fiber.

2014 Opel Astra OPC Extreme
2014 Opel Astra OPC Extreme interior.

Opel Astra OPC – Engine

The car is equipped with high-tech components that has a racing variant of the Opel Astra OPC Cup, and is powered by a 2.0-liter turbo petrol engine with direct injection and variable opening valve.To is the most powerful four-cylinder engine that Opel has ever produced. Motor completely made ​​of aluminum mated to a six-speed manual gearbox that transmits power by means of a limited slip differential.

2014 Opel Astra OPC Extreme
2014 Opel Astra OPC Extreme engine.

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2014 Volkswagen T-ROC Concept

2014 Volkswagen T-ROC concept is now made ​​official. So it was decided in the Audi, but that’s not all, because this concept will be shown at the Auto Show in Geneva, which is the day after tomorrow for all who want to come. And today, but journalists can attend. The new crossover concept 2014 Volkswagen T-ROC is designed in the style of a coupe and aims to provide insight into the future SUV model of the German manufacturer. We’ll talk about all the little and of course in line with the new information we will report back to you.

2014 Volkswagen T-ROC
2014 Volkswagen T-ROC exterior.

2014 Volkswagen T-ROC – Exterior

The 2014 Volkswagen T-ROC front part gives the impression of aggression thanks to the new design of the grille and headlights, which form a single visual unit, and large round fog lamps. On the back of the stand out specific brake lights in the shape of the letter G. Both front and rear light clusters equipped with LED technology.
Since it is intended for driving on a different road surfaces, in particular the lower parts of the body are protected from damage. In the Volkswagen say that the 2014 Volkswagen T-ROC crossover coupe with three doors and a roof that can be removed. The car is 4,179 mm long, 1,831 mm wide and 1,501 mm high, and is set on 19-inch alloy wheels.

2014 Volkswagen T-ROC – Interior

Cabin has a simple design, and there are four individual leather seats. Instead of the classic instrument cluster, the driver in front is a huge 12.3 inch digital display, on which are read all information relevant to driving. Screen multimedia system is built into the center console, but it was a tablet that can be removed when the vehicle is not in use.

2014 Volkswagen T-ROC
2014 Volkswagen T-ROC interior.

Volkswagen T-ROC – Engine

What is what you get with this new concept car? Is something significant changed? We can see some of the available information that will likely be of use. When we talk about the driving power of the engine then we can start the engine than four-cylinder 2.0-liter that will be true 184 horsepower and will have a torque of 380. The engine is connected seven-speed DSG gearbox and power is transferred to the wheel with the Volkswagen special system Motion4.

1.420 kg heavy vehicle accelerates from 0 to 100 km on hour in 6.9 s, before it reaches a maximum of 210 km on hour. Volkswagen has announced that the factory car data at 100 km on average spend 4.9 liter ​​diesel with CO2 emissions equal to 129 g / km.

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2014  T-ROC – Release date

Standard version to the market at the current announcements should start 2016 or in 2017 and on the same platform will be based as Audi and Q1.

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2015 Ferrari California T Redesign

For the first time receives California Turbocharged. 2015 Ferrari California T model, where T is the Italian manufacturer of effort to improve and make the big change models. The letter T is characteristic of the new model and it will mark. This paper will devote more attention to talk about the engine which will I believe many of you that are interested. Because this part is somehow always the most vulnerable.Auto Show in Geneva is place where can you find this vehicle.

2015 Ferrari California T
2015 Ferrari California T exterior.

2015 Ferrari California T Exterior and Interior

When it comes to design,2015 Ferrari California T has made ​​some cosmetic changes to the car modeled on models F12 Berlinetta and FF. Redesign the front part includes different headlights, a larger grille and reshaped bumper, while the rear diffuser modified. Regarding the changes in the field of construction, improved the chassis and steering system, and improved the suspension system which has received the latest generation MagnaRide damper. New shock absorbers have 50 percent faster response times compared to those who are on the current model. Redesigned the dashboard with the new, partially digitized instruments, as well as the center console, which contains 6.5 inch screen multimedia system.

2015 Ferrari California T
2015 Ferrari California T interior.

2015 McLaren 650S – Engine

Ferrari assures fans that do not need to fear that the introduction of turbo-chargers bad characteristic sound engine that has graced this model. In addition to increased power, the new engine will provide powerful acceleration and the Italian manufacturer claims that completely eliminate turbo lag. From this you can see how to care for potential buyers. Despite the various improvements, customers sometimes do not want to give up the good old stuff.

The drive is entrusted with 3.9 liter V8 turbo engine with direct injection. This of 2015 Ferrari California T engine is based on the engine that drives the Maserati models Quattroporte and Ghibli. Ferrari noted that in relation to the basic unit used in the Maserati, the working volume increased from 3,799 to 3,855 cc. In this way it can to increase horsepower and torque. Horse power is increased from 530 to 560 and torque from 710 Nm to 755 Nm.

2015 Ferrari California T
2015 Ferrari California T engine.

2015 McLaren 650S – Performance

2015 Ferrari California T accelerates from zero to hundred in about 3.6 seconds. Maximum speed was increased from 312 to 316 km per hour. The average has improved to 0.2 seconds. One of the main reasons why Ferrari chose the turbo engine is the need for the new environmental regulations reduce consumption, and therefore the great pollution they produce super-sports cars. According to the factory data consumption is reduced by about 15% in combined cycle consumes 10.5 liters per 100 km per hour. Carbon dioxide emissions by 20 percent. Will take care that you deliver new information to the Geneva Auto Show, which begins in a few days.

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2015 McLaren 650S Redesign and Price

Lovers of sports cars is pleased 2015 McLaren 650S which is the upgraded version of the 12C. This model has already premiered and released the first pictures and technical details regarding this vehicle. On the first site you will already leave you breathless. This is a very interesting combination and blend in which you will surely enjoy. We will try to convey how it is in our power details of which were published. Otherwise, this is another one of those models that can be seen in one of the biggest events when talking about a car that’s Geneva Auto Show in 2014.

2015 McLaren 650S
2015 McLaren 650S exterior.

2015 McLaren 650S Exterior and Interior

The front end is modeled on McLaren P1, while the rest of the car can practically be regarded as a restyled 12C. 2015 McLaren 650S visual model is a combination of 12C and P1.
In fact, although it was not officially announced, the 650S should be seen as an improved, redesigned version of the McLaren 12C. However, the latter model will continue to be sold along with 2015 McLaren 650S, while it is of interest whether the customer.

Interior design has remained virtually unchanged from the current 12c. The main difference is in the type of material which is lined interior. Instead of skin, there is now a standard part of the equipment Alcantara. Parts which are covered by this new material the seats, steering wheel, cockpit and a number that, when we talk about the interior.

2015 McLaren 650S
2015 McLaren 650S interior.

2015 McLaren 650S – Equipment

Equipment of 2015 McLaren 650S is rich and diverse. We shall mention what I think it is necessary. We apologize if we leave out something, believe not on purpose. Customers can use DAB digital radio and SIRIUS satellite radio in vehicles to be sold in the North American market. The list of options includes a racing seat modeled on those of the McLaren P1, the details of carbon fiber, electro-configurable steering column, rear parking camera, and more.

More pictures in this gallery.

2015 McLaren 650S – Engine

As always leave the sweetest end. The range of engines and what makes the driving force of a vehicle is extremely interesting. Well known engine of 3.8 liters was given an additional injection of 25 horsepower. Maximum torque in this case is increased by 78 horsepower. This means that now, in this moment, this new model gives a total of 650 horsepower with a maximum torque of 678 Nm.

What characterizes 2015 McLaren 650S, so they say it is faster and better controlled seven-speed automatic transmission with double clutch. Power is like its predecessor is transferred to the rear wheels. Enhanced performance is so sad in places up to 100 kn per hour speeds for three seconds. The difference compared to predecessor when it comes to acceleration, significantly at higher speeds. It is in this case just noticed.

Price of McLaren 650S

We talk about this or that improvement and we enjoy while have been reading. But since this is not a fairy tale about a princess and prince, we must mention the price. Usually with the quality and performance and price goes up. Therefore the 2015 McLaren 650S in the UK will be around 30,500 euros more expensive than the model on which it is based. Judge for yourself whether this is fair price compared to what is offered as an improvement.

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2016 Nissan Maxima Nismo Price and Release Date

2016 Nissan Maxima Nismo Price, for sale, interior… –  What is interesting to say is that many people look far into the future when a car comes. Nissan Maxima Nismo 2016 can have one of these vehicles in the future. In it will be included performance where will the existing currently Nissan Altima sedan vary by model. It is believed that the performance of Nissan vehicles have never been this strong and backed by the company. Nissan Maxima model before this point was at the crossroads to the realignment that marked the fundamental change in many things.

In this article I will mention some of the possible features and put pictures predecessor or pictures that are drawings of future models.We do not have pictures to show future models, so we will take pictures of some previous models that will talk about the future and a combination model.

2016 Nissan Maxima Nismo
2016 Nissan Maxima Nismo front side exterior.

2016 Nissan Maxima Nismo Exterior, Interior

Exterior of future 2016 Nissan Maxima Nismo model is characterized by sharp lines, the lower and somewhat aggressive. Basically the line is aggressive look based on the roof and a future look of the vehicle. Advancing the external appearance of 2016 Nissan Maxima Nismo has experienced a positive change. The only kind of trouble emerged in the designer because they have an overlap between the Nissan and Infiniti. In this way, designers have made some lines on a vehicle that does not fit very well. Dimensions will be different in ratio to its predecessor.

When it comes to the inner part of the vehicle, it is indeed promoted to everybody in the scence of quality to the futuristic looks. There are various options and extras detail a little later we’ll publish it. For now we can say that the interior is something that will surely delight.

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Likely to be longer, wider and lower. What is very important to say is that this model will have reclining rear of the seat and at the same time will have a width. Customers who like big car will be able to in relation to the previous medium-sized elected this time a great Maxima model. The roof is as we have said, suffered a major shift or fall. Of the total height they will decrease even for the 2 inch.

Photo gallery.

2016 Nissan Maxima Nismo – Engine

Here we can talk about main engine problems. Currently model Maxima has about 290 horsepower and could be obtained 40 additional. But it is not so big problem as a torque steer and gearbox CVT. Better transmission and limited slip differential can improve ability of Maxima model. This model has Xtronic transmission to which it is connected and which should provide optimum energy.

Maxima Nismo – Price

The model needs to get out of the sale is to be launched in late 2015 or during 2016. The current model that is on sale is based on the platform of the special edition of 2012. When we talk about prices, we hope you will stay the same and it will be around $ 31,000 which is the base price. But more is possible variant with extras for better security and it will amount to $ 40,000. This new Nissan Maxima Nismo 2016 can offer a real pleasure to drive. He would have this as something between sports cars and cars with four doors.

Photo gallery.

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2015 Audi Q5 Release Date and Redesign

As in every vehicle on the 2015 Audi Q5 is carried out certain changes. Each vehicle is essential that the brand is undergoing major change. The Audi Q5 SUV from this group of vehicles which is a mid-size class. The biggest change that has happened is knowledgeable in a number of regenerative vehicle is regularly improved. According to some rumors circulating this redesign will actually do to bring about improvements in terms of exterior and quality. The vehicle will surely be more modern and attractive. We’ll tell only that the new design could have aluminum and steel with high resistance.

2015 Audi Q5
Exterior of 2015 Audi Q5.

2015 Audi Q5 Exterior and Interior

2015 Audi Q5 will experience a change inside and out. These are the changes that are visible to the eye but also when it comes to quality. What comes as a change from the outside are front and rear fenders and bumpers. Private tinted glass is another external features. The lines are a little more pronounced giving it a more modern look. New Audi Q5 lines are designed to meet the requirements of demanding customers. It is prepared in the design of a high-class SUV as for five people. It appears to be a true family vehicle. We can expect new technology and the German excellence.

2015 Audi Q5
2015 Audi Q5 – very modern interior.

2015 Audi Q5 could do a lot in terms of changes in the interior. The interior should receive three areas that will experience the redesign and to the fields of engine blind spot warning, state entry, three-zone climate control, satellite navigation, rear view camera. There is a great lumbar support from goat’s seat makes it a very attractive and very comfortable. The control panel will be equipped with many additional elements that will help a person who drives a vehicle that handles better on the road.

Photo gallery.

2015 Audi Q5 – Engine

When talking about the engine could create a short comparison to its predecessor 2013Audi Q5. They are many differences in favor of a new model. Will be offered a few good options when you are talking about a new engine. The first version will be a driving force of 220 horsepower with a 2.0 liter engine and the torque from 258 lb. The next option is a real strength of 354 horsepower with a 3.0 liter engine and a torque of 347 lb-ft.

2015 Audi Q5
2015 Audi Q5 engine – for very strong powerful machine like this.

What would offer was that there is a diesel engine. Its power is 240 horsepower and torque of 428 lb. The engine is a 3.0 liter. After him comes another type of diesel engine of 372 horsepower with a torque of 295 lb ft.

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2015 Mercedes Benz C Class Review

Behind us is Detroit, which was successful and showed a lot of models that promise. The 2015 Mercedes Benz C Class is one of those models. Customers may be to expect more than they had hoped. I should say that this is a model that is definitely going to continue training in matters of interior, exterior and engine. Engine with four-and six-speed is the pride of this vehicle. The security is at the top of world class. Generally who choose this vehicle will have what i see and what to enjoy. The man loves the aesthetics but love and quality. Maybe this is one of the best examples of the model when it comes to the combination of aesthetics and quality.

2015 Mercedes Benz C Class
2015 Mercedes Benz C Class exterior.

2015 Mercedes Benz C Class Exterior and Interior

When we talk about the exterior appearance of the 2015 Mercedes Benz C Class,we can not so much comment. He at first sight is breathtaking. As there is no error when it comes to design with this brand. There are still some of these general lines as the previous generation with a short trunk in the back of the vehicle. There are subtle changes in the design. These are the bars that are above and is more sportsmanlike. The glass roof is always in fashion and that’s why they opted for this approach. But like the previous generation there is a variant in exterior that is buyers opt for the standard version if they want. Or a sports version with built-in character.

When it comes to the interior of the main thing is to note that the passengers sitting in the back will be quite satisfied. They receive this time, more space. The vehicle is rising up to 3.7 inches and wider by 1.7 inches. Mercedes is quite improved efficiency and reduced vehicle weight by about 200 pounds so the larger the body made ​​of aluminum.


Photo gallery.


Mercedes Benz C – Engine

What is the engine that launches Mercedes this time? The 2015 Mercedes Benz C Class come in the framework of the C300 and C400 Matic. With the turbocharged 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine and an output of 235 horses will be present in C300. C400 Matic gets the same turbocharged 3.0-liter V6 that makes 329 horsepower, torque to 354 lbft. Routing of engine power goes to all four wheels for both engines is the same seven-speed transmission.

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2015 Acura NSX Release Date and Specs

What is it that we still new arrives. The 2015 Acura NSX is a vehicle that is on its way completely new. We’ll see what gives us the new model. Honda convinces us  for a long time  that the NSX successor will be soon. But come out earlier and it might end in 2014. Many of such a set of circumstances not expected. But most buyers want to get a new vehicle as soon as possible. Something has already been presented on the concept of the new model. And what of the information we share with you. New pictures we have to share with you and some older.

2015 Acura NSX
2015 Acura NSX exterior.

2015 Acura NSX – Design

Now the 2015 Acura NSX slightly wider and lower,  design elements like of the Audi R8 reminiscent  and striking. Developed  new cab offers improved visibility and driving interface Sports position with  interface as a Honda says. That things minimizes all the details on the instrument panel that could distract drivers. When we talk about the design we will talk about its dimensions first. Then we include other details. First let me say that it is expanding by 3.3 inches and also lower by 0.4 inch. Wheelbase distance is longer by 1.8 inches. In length is shorter by 3.7 inches. On the front panel are housed LED lights that have a low profile. Tires are also known, which will be the dimensions. Front tires will be 255 over 35 out 19 and 275 over 30 out 20.  Although it is not yet known interior appearance and layout. New batteries should be stored in a central tunnel. The tank will be located in front immediately above the motor. Will be based on a better distribution of fuel.

Photo gallery.

Acura NSX – Engine

Somehow always watch the engine. But that’s 2015 Acura NSX has not been published specifications. But the new engine is really promising. According to unofficial information, the engine should be a 550 horsepower engine with 3.7 liters. There will be a combination of gasoline combined with electric and displacement that will give strength horsepower. Will once again make a major contribution to international sports motoring. With this model it is safe. How Acura claims this will be the last cry of technology. This 2015 Acura NSX will be a half robotized. Man and machine will merge into one synergy. This is a huge step for man and machine. The boundaries are not clearly in terms of technology. This vehicle shows that. We are left to see what happens next.

2015 Acura NSX
2015 Acura NSX engine.

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