2014 Honda Jazz 1,2 S i–VTEC Review

2014 Honda Jazz 1,2 S i–VTEC is very quality model with high performance. The man is simply not smart! What a couple of thousand of Chinese shops that meet the form and lasts for one year? Or what that makes you go to the tailor and the iron, weights and select buttons. On that way to show the individuality?
That is similar to the cars, especially the least. The eternal fight is on! Cheap, cheaper type of clothing Kia, Hyundai, Chevrolet and others are grouped on one side of life that borders the 10,000 euro value. Against them stands in front of established brands world wide such as BMW, MINI, Mercedes, Audi, which cost up to 30,000 euros. On a completely different part of the assembled motley society of individuals of type Smart, Subaru, Honda or new Jeep Junior who is yet to win the hearts.

2014 Honda Jazz
2014 Honda Jazz prototype exterior.

2014 Honda Jazz 1,2 S i–VTEC – Design

Apparently,2014 Honda Jazz 1,2 S i–VTEC, but its atypical appearance and brand on the radiator grille clearly indicates for generations . Of course it’s not an advantage in performance or price comparison and offered. But it God-given affiliation upper classes. Honda is a Honda!

2014 Honda Jazz
2014 Honda Jazz – interior

At first glance 2014 Honda Jazz, in front of us is a wide body, dynamic and striking style. All four doors open wide to easily accommodate passengers. Compared to the previous model, there is no particularly attractive and new design details, except that the quality of the material better. Of course, except for one detail that delights. And this is combined internal multi medial mirror. That is also the navigation and internet connectivity. Good idea, there is no doubt that you need to pay extra 160 euros. Seats are very comfortable, ergonomically correct, with plenty of room on the rear bench. Visibility of vehicles, thanks to large windows remarkable, as a curiosity for this class. In the front seats feel the benefits of highly angled windshield and distant time, which leaves plenty of air that passengers do not feel the anxiety of a small car.

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Honda Jazz – Engine

However, when it comes to 2014 Honda Jazz, the real thing starts just starting. His modest 1.2 liters and 90 hp show two opposite faces. One is a quiet, gentle, smooth and economical. What else is tumultuous, impertinent and energetically wasteful. Which driver will you choose depends on the pressure on the gas pedal. If the foot is easier, Jazz turns into a sluggish cat, which can cuddle, purr, and of course, coming up to where no special attraction.

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