2020 Seat 20V20

Another in a series of vehicles that was presented as a concept is the 2016 Seat 20V20. We’ll see what are the main features of this vehicle from design all the way to the driving forces. The Spanish car company Seat presented at the Geneva Motor Show its new concept car seat 20V20. The presentation addressed the audience president Seat-Jurgen Stakman, who pointed out that this concept based on the development of the company and its models in the next five years, ie until 2020, which conceptual version and named 2020 Seat 20V20.

2016 Seat 20V20 rear

2016 Seat 20V20 Design

Despite high investment, Spanish manufacturer of the vehicle was unable to successfully fill the position between Skoda and Volkswagen, but hopes returned last year when sales threadbare 327.330 vehicles on the European market. Although this figure is far less than 450,000, as far as car seat sold in the late 1990s, it still represents the best year in the last six years. The Company believes that the main reason for the failure lies in the fact that there is no seat SUV and crossover vehicles, which are currently the center of attention, and for some time there are rumors that the Spanish vehicle manufacturer saves just such a product. It happened at this year’s Geneva Motor Show, which debuted 20V20 concept, which should appear on sale next year with no major changes. 20V20 is named after the sentence vision Viento Viento or in translation 20:20 aspect of the Spanish language, and Seat says that the front part of the style of the letter X and hood in the style of the letter V in the near future represent a design school all model company.

2016 Seat 20V20 roof

20V20 is 4.66 meters long, which means it is 43 cm longer than Leon Hatch. This crossover is done on the chassis is 2.79 meters long with a width of 1.65 meters and wheels of 20 inches. Seat promises to 20V20 that provides a solid off-road ability while vehicle length of 22.8 cm. No major details regarding the interior, except for information that he provides over 600 liters of space in the trunk. Interestingly, the 20V20 offers small scooter in the trunk floor, and so the driver can be driven from the parking lot to the desired destination. In any case, some details are known, and at the expense of the production car. He will not share Volkswagen’s MQB platform and global will be produced together with the future model of Skoda (larger crossover with three rows of seats) in the Czech Republic. Seat plans to offer and athletic Cupra version, but even in the basic version 20V20 will be one of the sport’s cars in the class. Spanish vehicle manufacturer hopes to 20V20 to significantly increase the overall sales of the company, particularly because the compact crossover makes up about 10% of the total sales of all cars in Europe.

2016 Seat 20V20

2016 Seat 20V20 interior

Engine of 2020 Seat 20V20

Offer aggregates will be pretty tight. As announced in Geneva, under the hood 20V20 crossovers will find the TSI and TDI petrol and diesel generator sets, which produces Gropu Volkswagen, Seat parent company. Buyers will be available with front-wheel drive variant and a variant with a drive to all four wheels, a power transmission to the wheels will be done with the help of DSG transmission or by electronic controlled system 4×4 in diameter. The most powerful petrol engine will power up to 300 horsepower, while the volume of diesel engines will be limited to 240 horsepower. Announced a version equipped with a plug-in hybrid technology, which will only run electricity.

2016 Seat 20V20 seats

Release date

Seat also has experience of producing such cars, as Audi Q3 produced at one of its factories since 2011, but, as we mentioned, in order to keep costs minimal production will take place in the Czech Republic. By the year 2020 Seat 20V20 plans to annual sales per 200,000 Leon and Ibiza and 100,000 SUVs and Alhambra and Mii model, which the company would for the first time in a long time could not make a profit.