2016 Citroën C1 Redesign

The nice French city car has arrived on the market just over a year ago and has already sold over 66,000 copies, but it’s still too early for thorough facelift so he Citroën decided to freshen up a bit and improve in order to maintain a competitive and attractive. Here we have new model 2016 Citroën C1 and we will present you some interesting specs. Refreshments us sense some changes when it comes to design and quality will be visible, especially those who already have this model, so they know what it is about.

2016 Citroën C1 side

2016 Citroën C1 Redesign

One of the most important trump urban children is certainly a possibility to personalize the look of vehicles and options in C1 is certainly not lacking, especially now when he got a new color Blue Lagoon and expanded opportunities for the combination of two colors (roof in a different color), which will now be available as a liftback.

2016 Citroën C1

Said blue color will be available in the 2016 Citroën C1 vehicle, and the interior will be equipped with the new Zebra blue lagoon upholstery and carpets, but even more important is the information that in the future this model will be optionally available Active City Brake system, which automatically stops the car to prevent collisions at low speeds (up to 30 km/h). Also, the future will be available Warning System unintentionally crossing into another lane.

2016 Citroën C1 roof

Furthermore, there is still a choice of 7-inch tablet screen Mirror Screen technology, hands-free unlocking, reversing camera, help system when moving uphill, etc., and the aforementioned processing will soon be available on the market.

2016 Citroën C1 back

Engine of 2016 Citroën C1

We will make a brief review of the 2016 Citroën C1 predecessor when it comes to power. In this way we will have the best overview of what it is all about. Regarding the engine, there are no changes. We offer a French diesel 1.4 HDi/54 hp three-cylinder gasoline and tested, originating from Daihatsu. A great unit that can easily cope with 790 kg heavy body, and a hoarse sound, which is somewhat reminiscent of a Porsche 911! All in all, at the wheel of this little Citroen, do not bother.

2016 Citroën C1 grill