2016 Aston Martin DBX

2016 Aston Martin DBX price, concept…. – Aston Martin is one of the manufacturers that have attracted the most attention at this year’s Geneva Motor Show. So one of the models that is presented is Aston Martin DBX 2016. He in many ways aside from design through to quality. We will try to bring you closer to the vehicle in the best possible way. Those who had the opportunity to see him live mean what it is.

2016 Aston Martin DBX front side

2016 Aston Martin DBX Design Exterior and Interior

If Vantage GT3 racing was not enough, the audience is certainly delighted a new model of Vulcan, which is already one of the best supercar in the world. However, while these two cars was expected, presentation DBX concept is certainly came as a surprise and announced to us that the British car manufacturer looking to expand its offer in other classes. The company said that the DBX currently just a concept and will remain in that purpose until further notice, but Aston Martin certainly want to test the market and to establish whether it is ready for large sport crossover. 2016 Aston Martin DBX looks at his current customers as well as the future of this model, but unlike the past, they are no longer alone but have smaller families and therefore they needed a larger product.

2016 Aston Martin DBX rear

2016 Aston Martin DBX wheel

2016 Aston Martin DBX light

For this reason, 2016 Aston Martin DBX supposed to provide space traditional crossover, but with the driving characteristics of the style DB sports cars. To design makes sure the chief designer Marek Reichman company. He says that he had a hard job to offer all the traditional line that the audience is used, but in a larger package. We can conclude that succeeded in that endeavor because the final product beautiful, and anything less is not expected from the British vehicle manufacturer. Traditional barbecue with DB Car is retained, with somewhat different and smaller headlights while the rear part provides a similar strategy.

2016 Aston Martin DBX provides only two doors, so we assume that Aston Martin does not want to experiment with four doors especially after the Rapide model proved a failure. However, despite the interior offers enough space for four adults and plenty of practicality. The trunk is large enough for their daily needs, so DBX was ideal for family buyers.

2016 Aston Martin DBX interior

2016 Aston Martin DBX seats

Engine of 2016 Aston Martin DBX

We have come to the driving force, that is, until probably the most important item of the vehicle. But for now we have some big details or able to tell whether this really is the engine promotion. We’ll have to wait a little. But some information there. 2016 Aston Martin DBX is used and to test some new technology so it comes to electric car with all four wheels. However, there is no doubt that the production model to provide some of the existing V8 or V12 engine and rear-wheel drive. In the end, Aston Martin says that, although not yet developed standard production, DBX is still very interesting concept that could establish an entirely new class that has not existed among manufacturers of super-cars. Should this occur, expect a new concept next year, with a possible serial production until 2018.

2016 Aston Martin DBX front grill

2016 Aston Martin DBX Price

When it comes to the price list of 2016 Aston Martin DBX is not known information about the amount. Although hints at a figure for now still will not amount to anything. We will wait until closer to the very realization of this vehicle on the market and then we will give the price.

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