2015 LaFerrari Specs and Design

I’ve always been attracted to the strength and power of many, both men and women. Somehow it goes with each other. So it is with vehicles too. Here is the 2015 LaFerrari which will apparently be able to overcome not only others but also himself. Its sporty design at first sight is breathtaking, but let’s see what happened, what is happening with this model and what he has to offer fans of sports cars and all of us.

2015 LaFerrari side side

2015 LaFerrari Concept Design

Ferrari has released the first photos and technical details FXX models K. The car is based on a standard LaFerrariju, and is intended for driving on a racetrack. LaFerrari S stands for the test phase in which the vehicle is located. The name of the new model is reduced to FXX K. The letter K denotes herein KERS system for the regeneration of kinetic energy. Ferrari FXX K is designed for the racetrack but some of the leaders announce that on the racetrack will not be used.

2015 LaFerrari side

Instead of stories about the racing track at the forefront of the story will go specifically selected customers or those who sign up. Training for the management of one such vehicle will be provided in the next two years or during 2015 and 2016. The objective of the training program is to maximize the opportunities that the vehicle offers and to increase the level of safety when driving.

In accordance with its purpose, 2015 LaFerrari has altered the aerodynamics. Thanks to the new front spoiler, the car is 30 mm lower than the standard model. The biggest changes have occurred in the rear, where they replaced the diffuser, exhaust pipes and lights, and the car got a new vertical aerodynamic elements on the rear wings. Ferrari says that all these changes contributed to the FXX K has 50% better grip of LaFerrari, and improvements are complemented by special racing tire company Pirelli.

2015 LaFerrari interior

2015 LaFerrari Engine

What has been passed by the new mechanics? So you might say too much. If it really is a force that will exceed one thousand horsepower, then that speaks for itself. From LaFerrarija is taken and hybrid drive, so that K FXX is powered by a V12 engine displacement 6,262 cc and electric motors.

Petrol engine of 2015 LaFerrari produces 860 horsepower, which is 60 horsepower more than the LaFerrari, while the electric motor power increased by 27 horsepower and is 190 horsepower. In the final tally, the driver of the Ferrari FXX K available is 1050 horsepower and 900 Nm of torque. The figure is extremely high when it comes to the strength of horsepower. We will see what will happen later, and how and ukojoj measure will be satisfied buyers or owners of this vehicle.

2015 LaFerrari engine

Release date of 2015 LaFerrari

When it comes to the realization of 2015 LaFerrari is already moving next year with limited production. Dedicated and will be made as early as next year or in 2015 we will have a chance to see this vehicle in front of the house of certain owners.

2015 LaFerrari front side