2015 Honda HR-V Release Date

Somehow it always seems that the smaller crossover cars do not exist in the American market. However, model 2015 Honda HR-V is certainly denies. It is a small compact vehicle interesting design and have the characteristics. Of course you will be familiar with the text of all what we have for now able to introduce you to.

2015 Honda HR-V side
2015 Honda HR-V exterior.

2015 Honda HR-V – Review

At the same time there are some similar models like the Scion xD and Nissan Cube, but the real popularity made ​​vehicles Soul, and it shows the figure of 100 thousand copies sold. Then there is a rush of vehicles such as the Nissan Juke and then the Jeep Renegade and Chevrolet Trax. All this will be a competitor and Honda HR-V, which is really a vehicle that will modify the behavior of consumers in this part of the world. Honda has also introduced the Urban model with the aim of producing a smaller crossover based on the model fit.

2015 Honda HR-V rear side
2015 Honda HR-V rear side.

2015 Honda HR-V – Design

When it comes to the aesthetic appearance of the vehicle rear-end collision is almost identical, an original, and the front part has inspired third-generation Fit models. Mexico will be part of the vehicle production and there will be exported to the world. outer part is more or less what you’d expect from a Japanese manufacturer. The inside however it is not because we do not have any information to show how it will look. If by some logic to go, it should be noted that this is a model that will be made of top quality materials.
This vehicle should be among the best used vehicles with internal work.

2015 Honda HR-V interior
2015 Honda HR-V interior.

2015 Honda HR-V – Engine

None of the engine that drives this machine will be a lot of information, but let’s start from the fact that will be a 1.5L petrol engine from the fit model that is able to make 130 horsepower. Power will be transmitted to the front wheels and it will be assisted transmission with six gears.Customers will be able to choose between several diesel engines and even hybrid plans.

2015 Honda HR-V engine
2015 Honda HR-V engine.

Release Date

Manufacture and sale should work to start by mid-2015. More precise dates will be as it approached the date is announced. We’ll be in touch all the time and inform you about everything in a timely manner.

You can watch video material below.

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