2016 Trident Iceni Diesel Concept

When we talk about really something special and new, then this will be a new model in 2016 Trident Iceni Diesel, which is a sports concept. Potential buyers and enthusiasts will be more than delighted with this vehicle. British manufacturer Trident announced the start of sales of supercars Iceni, and the company claims that this is the fastest sports car with a diesel engine in the world. You will have the opportunity throughout the text to read mainly related to power part of the vehicle. About the interior so far not a word because it is not so well known.

2016 Trident Iceni Diesel side
2016 Trident Iceni Diesel black exterior concept.

2016 Trident Iceni Diesel Powertrain

Since most of the topics focused on the driving force of the vehicle and its options, we’ll this text and begin. To drive a used 6.6 liter turbo-diesel V8 that produces 400 horsepower and 948 Nm of torque. According to factory data, the car is in its basic version, capable of hundreds of places to reach in 3.7 s, while the maximum speed exceeds 305 km/h.

For those who like this performance is not good enough, Trident offers an upgraded version that has 435 horsepower and 1,286 Nm, as well as racing variant in which the engine power goes up to 669 horsepower and maximum torque at 1,422 nm. When it comes to consumption is minimized as much as it could be done. The British company said that due to the low consumption, which is at a constant speed of 115 km/h is 4.1 l/100 km, and a large tank, the car on a single charge of fuel can travel up to 3,200 km.

Perhaps one of the most interesting parts related to this aotu linked to sources that consume and use. Believe it or not but this beauty will run on a number of sources when it comes to fuel and biodiesel, palm oil and flaxseed oil.

2016 Trident Iceni Dieselrear side
2016 Trident Iceni Dieselrear – rear side.

2016 Trident Iceni Diesel – Interior

We have said that the interior was not some great information, but what we can say for now is that it will offer to find and luxury pack which includes two-tone interior with leather and Alcantara, Heated door mirrors, Clarion multimedia system with 7-inch screen. In addition, customers can also receive premium pack with elements made ​​of carbon fiber in the cabin, el. adjustable seats and heated front windshield.

2016 Trident Iceni Diesel without roof
2016 Trident Iceni Diesel without roof.

Trident Iceni Diesel – Price

The British company Trident Performance Vehicles offers customers Iceni model, which is available at a cost of £ 96,000 for the base version and which is described as the fastest sports car with a diesel engine in the world.

2016 Trident Iceni Diesel rear side

You can watch this video below.

For more information visit autoblog.

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