2016 Nissan Sway

Although often criticized for being one of the ugliest cars today, Nissan Micra boasts a solid success at Europe’s behest market. For us to present the 2016 Nissan Sway who will delight you in many ways. These features are more than good. We will try to give you closer and features if you have not had the opportunity until now to make sure.

2016 Nissan Sway side images

2016 Nissan Sway Design Exterior and Interior

In 2014 it sold 60.318 copies, which is far from a period of ten years ago when it exceeded the figure of 170,000 vehicles, but still high growth of 25%. Those numbers were sufficient for only 13 place in the class, and although the Micra does not sell well as the Ford Fiesta, Renault Clio and Volkswagen Polo, the Japanese vehicle manufacturers say that it is not objective was to attack the European competition but Japanese and Korean. In this case, the sale is real and in front of the Toyota Yaris (169,016) and i20 (83.903), while behind the Kia Rio (58,425), Suzuki Swift (49,854), Honda Jazz (37,645) and Mazda Mazda2 (24,289). Nissan is currently working on the next generation of Micra, and how she might look like is shown Sway concept from this year’s Geneva Motor Show. Judging by these pictures, the new Micra will feature a significantly different design compared to the current model, which appeared in the sale of 2013, but it is unlikely that the final line be this dramatic.

2016 Nissan Sway side

The Japanese giant in previous years celebrated with great concepts, especially under the Infiniti brand, but very few lines with them went into serial production. However, after the audience well accepted these concepts, Nissan has decided to offer them on some other models of the company, primarily Juke and Qashqai. Sway is 4,010 mm long, 1,780 mm wide and 1.85 mm high, while the wheelbase 2,570 mm, which means that in every way higher than the Micro.

2016 Nissan Sway rear

2016 Nissan Sway steering wheel

2016 Jaguar XF rear seats


Nissan declined to confirm which engine lies beneath the bonnet of this concept, and will mention that the current Micra is available with a pair of 1.2L three-cylinder gasoline engine. While the basic develops 79 hp and 108 Nm of torque, the more powerful developing 97 hp and 143 Nm of torque thanks to the compressor. When you know a great partnership of Japan and the German company Mercedes, we will not be surprised if you find under the hood and an engine from the A-Class. Choice of transmissions to and further boiled down to a five-speed manual and CVT automatic.

2016 Nissan Sway front

2016 Nissan Sway Price and Release date

2016 Nissan Sway promises to be well equipped, and that will maintain its low cost, and will therefore be one of the best shopping in class. In the end we will mention another big news, and it refers to the fact that in addition to China, India and Thailand from now on production will be held in the UK. In any case, the serial model should appear in the next year, first in Europe and then in the rest of the world.

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