2015 Toyota Hydrogen Concept and Price

Toyota has released the first photos of the production version of the car that will be powered by the hydrogen fuel cell (FCV). 2015 Toyota Hydrogen Concept is definitely hot news for all fans of Toyota models and those who are waiting for the right refreshment.

2015 Toyota Hydrogen sign

2015 Toyota Hydrogen Design

For those who are familiar with the appearance of the concept car, the design of the production Toyota FCV is not surprising. However, everyone else will be very surprised when she shows up on the roads 2015th year.

Although the most unusual comment on the design, which is to say anything but that it is attractive, Toyota once applied a similar principle when the market offered the first models with hybrid drive. On the exterior appearance affected the aerodynamic characteristics, but perhaps the desire of the company to design, set clear distance between cars on hydrogen and other models.

2015 Toyota Hydrogen front grill

2015 Toyota Hydrogen Release Date and Price

Toyota plans to be the first vehicle powered by hydrogen reach customers in Japan in the spring of 2015th sale in Europe and North America will begin in the summer of the same year. For now, the only known price for the domestic market where the Toyota FCV priced at about 7 million yen (about 50,000 euros). Initially, the car will go on sale exclusively and parts of the country where the infrastructure charging stations for hydrogen in the building.

Toyota late last year announced that as part of the transition to green production, which are less polluting and consume less resources by 2015. Commence mass production of hydrogen cars. One director, Toyota, Satoshi Ogiso, said that it will be leasing the car, used to transport officials and celebrities, but the car for every day for ordinary people.

2015 Toyota Hydrogen engine system

All the leading automobile manufacturers, including General Motors and Daimler, decades of work on cars fueled by hydrogen. Experts estimate that the governments of the countries that they have on the streets of such vehicles, will have to invest a lot of pump for filling the car with hydrogen.

Skeptics say that the pumps with hydrogen to be more expensive than those for electric cars, and that will require new and safer ways to produce, store and transport hydrogen. The advantages of hydrogen vehicles, a Japanese expert on cars Koichiro Imoto states that are filled more quickly, as ordinary cars with gasoline and can cross several miles without recharging than electric.

2015 Toyota Hydrogen rear side

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