2015 Mercedes C-Class Estate Concept

Mercedes has decided to extend the offer to Caravan 2015 Mercedes C-Class Estate. And it happens a few months after he introduced the fourth generation of the C-Class sedan in shape. This design will be familiar, but again with some changes. What is interesting about this car is that a lot was done to the interior quality and reduce emissions.

2015 Mercedes C-Class Estate side

2015 Mercedes C-Class Estate Design

Wagon shares most design lines of the sedan, but the B-pillar of the two products are very different. Design Estate is a long 4,702 mm, which means that for a 96 mm long compared with the model that replaced, and it is also done on 80 mm longer chassis, which now stands at 2,840 mm. Most reasons for satisfaction will have a rear-seat passengers, including Mercedes promises greater legroom by 45 mm, as well as more space for shoulders, arms and head, and one of the main reasons for these characteristics lies in the greater width of 40 mm (a total of 1,810 mm), and better design organization of the seat.

2015 Mercedes C-Class Estate rear side

The trunk is also assigned to the dimensions. Its area is 490 liters, an increase of five liters, while the lowered seat space grows to 1,510 liters. In comparison with major competitors such as the BMW 3-Series Touring, Mercedes’ representatives comes out as the winner, but only ten liters. As we mentioned, Mercedes design has done a better organization of the rear seat, so that she can now put down 40/20/40, instead of 60/40, while access to the trunk of a lot easier.

2015 Mercedes C-Class Estate interior

2015 Mercedes C-Class Estate – Engine

In terms of mechanics, the caravan continues where it left off sedan, which means that the buyer from the start to be able to choose between one petrol and two diesel engines. C200 will provide gasoline 2.0L engine with 179 hp, while C220 and C250 share the 2.1L diesel engine of 168 hp (C220) and 201 hp (C250). Bids will later be extended with additional engines of four clindra and V6 engines and hybrids. All models will provide a standard rear traction, and in some markets will be able to get versions with permanent four-wheel.

2015 Mercedes C-Class Estate cargo space

2015 Mercedes C-Class Estate – Release Date and Price

Introduced under the Estate label, German carmaker claims the sedan larger, more convenient and more economical compared to its predecessor and will go on sale in September with a premium price of about2,100 dollars compared to the sedan. The lower weight of 65 kg, all versions will be more economical than its predecessor. As we have mentioned, the production and sales start in September, and the C-Class Estate has a class which traditionally dominated by the BMW 3-Series Touring. Is German rival has a chance to take over the market, time will tell, but the situation on paper it looks quite promising.

Also you can watch some video material below.

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