2015 Jeep Cherokee Review

One of the most prestigious Jeep vehicle that is popular throughout the US market is the 2015 Jeep Cherokee. Not much time elapsed from the moment when the Jeep he was in the Fiat empire, to the new model, and that the design and marketing of a primarily technology, trying to demonstrate clearly that this brand new winds affected. In fact, the new Jeep Cherokee nobody until his promotion did not even mention the technological component, how we were blinded to him, to say the least unusual design on the hood of the vehicle that carries the Jeep.

Too futuristic, too sophisticated, too ugly, too nice. In fact, the whole bit. And to test this made sense, but after the first mile I realized that all my prejudices and emotions when it comes to Jeep thrown out the window open. What was once, there is almost no relevance today.

2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT

2015 Jeep Cherokee Design Exterior

New 2015 Jeep Cherokee indisputably boasts a revolutionary design that nobody expected. Athletic body lines brutally deviate from the traditional cubes, flirting with so required aerodynamics with one hand. On the other, trying to minimize disrupting the sleek lines of this stylish men’s brand heritage.

It was not an easy task, for which I’m not even entirely sure that it worked, because today these lines we have at every step in almost every model. If the goal was to fit the design of racial SUV models in the automotive mainstream then mission accomplished! For it is in that category buyers market potential lies, read financial success. Notwithstanding this reservation, one must admit,it is remarkable. Those who need it the most important in the car, to be seen, the new Grand Cherokee may be the perfect choice.

2015 Jeep Cherokee rear side


The interior of 2015 Jeep Cherokee is modern and above all comfortable. The cabin is designed to offer the driver and fellow passengers superior comfort with technology adapted easily use. Seats are typical of the Jeep, ergonomically excellent, with a large seat surfaces and front seats and have the option of heating or ventilation.

Transparency of the car is excellent, and the controls are ergonomically extremely consistent. In particular boast conspicuous and easily drive selector button. The instrument panel is inspired by the appearance of the front cover vehicles Jeep Willys from the forties. Although they have a meaningful link with the tradition of the brand, it would leave the impression that better fit the model 2015 Jeep Cherokee. Instruments should be larger and more luxurious, the ambitions and price list.

2015 Jeep Cherokee interior

2015 Jeep Cherokee instrument

Engine Technology of 2015 Jeep Cherokee

Only when it came to the analysis of drive and motor, it has become crystal clear that 2015 Jeep Cherokee has a lot more in action than in the window! Former Quadradrive 4×4 system was raised to the next level, offering a selection of plants for all weather conditions and for driving on all terrains.

This primarily involves the automatic shutdown function drives the rear axle in driving conditions where this is justified, ie when the 4×4 totally unnecessary. Switch actuator from two to four wheels and vice versa, is done automatically, and only subtle driving ears can feel when it happens. Actually, not very subtle, because despite the hydraulic clutch during sudden deceleration discretely feel a slight twitches inclusion-exclusion rear axle.

2015 Jeep Cherokee

With this economical system manipulation rear-wheel drive, the driver is provided with three typed 4×4 system for driving in all weather conditions, which selects appropriate. From a fully automatic drive function via the selected parameters for off road driving, to lock rear differential for the purpose of overcoming major challenges.

2015 Jeep Cherokee engine

MultiJet Engine

Jeep Cherokee 2015 in standard mode has automatic transmission nine sped, which is incorporated in the tested models with the new MultiJet 2 two-liter turbo diesel engine of 170 horsepower. Transmission in practice to really mild changes in speed and extremely easy to respond to pressure or give the gas pedal! Changes transmission ratios are almost imperceptible due evenly distant steps between each gear transmission ratio, which is rather caused the decrease in consumption.

Otherwise, the new turbo diesel 2015 Jeep Cherokee MuliJet is relatively surprising in relation to the Merc 2.8 CRDi from the previous generation. Small, innovative engine is pretty performantan in accordance with the modern generation engine where it belongs. Relatively quiet to medium speed and course drastically cheaper when registering with us, which is not negligible item. From idle all 170 of available horsepower willingly and without hesitation withdraw nearly 1,900 pound body. Comfortable and needs to be said very quietly and economical cruising at low revs thanks to the torque of 350 Nm at just 1,600 Nominal per minute.

2015 Jeep Cherokee grill

At higher speeds the thing is completely changed. Already at 130 km/h unit becomes a dominant player in the acoustic booth to another at high speeds and completely took over the main role, despite the evident good sound insulation of the passenger compartment. The same 2015 Jeep Cherokee pattern is noticeable with the parameter consumption. As we moved weighed and gentlemanly spending amounted to about 7 liters of diesel to run in aggressive immediately jumped to 12 liters. According to the trip computer, the average consumption is still on the lower side of these values and is exactly 8.2 liters in normal driving.

2015 Jeep Cherokee Price

When it comes to the price offered has several variants and we’ll go with MSRP $32,180, then we say that the average price of $31,001 and it’s all because depending on what and how to choose the equipment.

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